In the Cold Light of the Morning After…

The below post is a firm example of why you should ignore any ‘epiphanies’ that occur after consumption of 185g of M&M’s and several days of your own company…

While I think I agree with most of what I said, my phrasing wasn’t particularly… erm, sane, for want of a better word.

The last few weeks have been interesting. My Auntie was declared brain-dead and then woke up a few days before her life support was due to be switched off- she’s completely back to normal which can only be declared as a miracle. I had a minor (okay, major) crisis- I can’t describe how bewildering it is to grieve for someone and then have them wake up and be fine- it really threw me off for ages.

My hallucinations have really stepped up a gear, and I’m worried that I’m going to end up having a total breakdown when I start school- whether that’s from the psychotic symptoms taking over or from having another depressive episode, I don’t know.

I’ve started my next novel, which has proved to be wonderfully therapeutic and is coming along nicely. Although it didn’t stop me flipping out and doing a truly spectacular number on the top of my leg. (When I say number, I don’t mean a literal number… that would be weird.) Which resulted in me hobbling for a day or so. I need to root out my elastic band, the bruises may make my arm look bad but at least it doesn’t break the skin.

So, apologies to those who heard from me on the date of the last post, I know I really didn’t make any sense and it embarrasses me to think about it- thank you to the people who left comments. I’m afraid I haven’t replied because I’m too much of a chicken to reread the result of sugar overdose, sleep deprivation and grief.

I leave with a promise to update soon and best wishes to anyone reading this. The last few weeks have seemed like an odd nightmare, but I’m finally starting to piece stuff back together now.

Cheers, Wren