Pagan Blog Project: Will

“It is my will, so mote it be.”

This phrase and variations of it are used in spellwork and prayers across the Pagan community and it’s only now that it’s suddenly hit me how powerful it is.

Paganism, especially Wicca, places a lot of emphasis on will and will-power- there seems to be a core, commonly held believe that if you will something, if you want it and believe in it badly enough it will happen.

This may seem like a weird, airy-fairy belief but even if I were to take a step away from my faith I’d be able to speak for the power that will can have. Believing that we can do something can be an incredibly effective thing, it can make us achieve things we never thought possible and break through our fears.

Another place I’ve seen the term ‘will’ used is in the Wiccan Rede:

These Eight words the Rede fulfill: “An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will”

I was about to write that here ‘will’ is used to mean ‘want’ but as I typed that I realised that it might be a slightly controversial thing to write… does ‘will’ here really mean ‘want’? Using ‘want’ implies that the Rede is saying we have total control of our lives… which I think is true in one sense, but not really- obviously as I’m not Wiccan I can’t speak with great authority on what the Rede is trying to say here or on what the Wiccan position on free will is… but I have to say that from my perspective at least I don’t think ‘will’ is here used to mean ‘want’ I think it means something else…

Anyway, the point I was originally trying to make was that the concept of ‘will’ is very varied but I think very relevant within Paganism, whilst the Gods are powerful and guide us along the crooked path we are not babies, we have to stand on our own two feet and understand that we have power within ourselves.

’til next time,

Blessed be,

Wren x


Pagan Blog Project: Wonderment

Wonderment: What a Wonderful World

For those of you who may not know; I have depression. I’ve had depression for about three years now, it’s been a long, hard road and I’m only just starting to really cope with my illness.

However, from all this darkness one thing has emerged strong and bright- and that’s my appreciation of the world around me, especially of the little things that make my life good. It takes a while to really adjust your mind to living like this- but once you do you end up feeling this deep inner calm that cannot be easily knocked.

I think that seeing the beauty in small things is something that comes naturally to Pagans- we already spend most of our lives looking to the traces of nature that are left in the concrete world around us to see beauty and meaning, and so we have development this sixth sense for appreciating the little things.

Right now in the Northern Hemisphere we’re plunging steadily into winter, Samhain has been and gone and we are embracing the New Year whilst at the same time watching everything around us slowly die. At the moment I am appreciating the crunchy leaves (not so much the slushy ones now it’s been raining though) and the frost that seems to magically appear on cars at around ten at night.

It amazes me how blind people can be- when we’re walking around late at night I walk along behind everyone else with my head tipped back, staring at the stars and (occasionally) the moon. I stop every couple of steps to carefully move snails off the path and into the hedge (and then smear my snail-y hands onto Callum’s face) and talk to all the little creatures that are running around.

Sometimes I feel like people just need to open their eyes and look at all the amazing things around them, all the tiny little things that make them happy. Tonight I won’t be going out, which is a change, I’ve spent the whole day working so I plan to now post this, make myself some tea (pasta + basic tomato sauce + shitloads of cheese = win) and watch crap telly.

‘til next time,

Wren x

The Year of The Living

So, now we’ve reached New Year (Celtic New Year: 1st November) I feel it’s time to reflect a little on the past year and all the craziness that came with it.

Last Samhain was a little dismal for me, I tried to meditate to talk to my loved ones and was pushed away-  I tried to welcome in the spirits but none came, I begged the Gods to tell me why my natural affiliation with the dead seemed to have crumbled and faded and the response I received was stark and honest:

You’ve done death- now it’s time to do life.”

The Gods told me in pretty plain terms that I was closer to the dead than the living, that I was barely alive- that’s not a message that I will ever forget receiving and one that hit me like few things have. I’d been drifting through life without putting down roots, I’d spent all my time preserving things and being ready to die at any moment.

Looking back I see myself as a sort of ghost- it’s really hard and really weird to think of how I used to be, but now I know exactly why the Gods did what they did and I’m grateful.

I’ve spent this last year living- to be honest it got off to a pretty rough start with me trying to find out where I stood in terms of my Go To Guy and my place as the fifth wheel (literally) of my friendship group (according to Jay I win some sort of prize for being a seventh wheel at one point.) But around May time I really started to come out of my shell, I reached a point where I felt confident and good about myself, I began to relax majorly around men and let my life flow as it should.

It was around this time that I got Juliet- WOOOO! And made a decision about what I wanted to do in life (acting ftw :P) I piddled along until June when I went on holiday, survived falling down a mountain, being ferried around in The Hearse and an amazing midnight car journey across the UK.

When I got back and steamed into summer I started wandering around with my friends until the small hours, getting into vintage and starting to become comfortable with sex.

This lead to my first kiss, spending the night with a guy and becoming a strong, independent woman. I got my amazing ADA grades, partied with the best of them (read: EPIC MILK EXPEDITION/’THE QUEST FOR MILK’) and hit the ground running at the start of term.

Since then my life has been taken over with a hell of a lot of R+J and even more snogging (I’m really not complaining) interspersed with partying and general good times of which I totally rocked… I fired my CAMHS nurse and demanded a proper evaluation which I shall be getting in a couple of weeks, I took control of my illness and have decided to consider the idea of formally quitting self harm.

To make a long story short, I have to say that after a rocky start I took the advice given to me by my Gods and started living. I can stand up say that I am a real person, a real flesh and blood person with a life and loved ones and spirit and soul… I am no longed a ghost.

Hope you all had a blessed Samhain and a Happy New Year!

A thousand times goodnight 🙂

Wren x

Pagan Blog Project: Virtue

Pagan Fridays here at the Druid Bird…

Virtue is defined as ‘having high moral standards’ and ‘a quality that it morally good and desirable’ in our society we tend to think of virtue as a synonym for ‘chastity’ which stems from the fact that we are a supposedly Christian country- but these definitions show that virtue is really a subjective thing.

According to this ‘virtue’ is based on morals and morality- and moral values change based on who is looking at them- I think that virtue is one of those things that feels a little too starched and Christian and therefore makes people feel uncomfortable talking about it.

Personally I would say that I am a virtuous person, I have high moral standards- but at the same time I one of the least judgemental people you will ever come across, I make it my mission to accept people as they come and try not to judge them. I’m not perfect- to be honest I’m pretty far from it, but I try my best to love everyone.

My morals are flexible- I’m big enough and ugly enough to know that the world can change, can be flipped upside down in seconds, so I’m not going to swear to a set of values that could change. The only thing I can and will swear to is my faith in my Gods.

Virtue is a word that tends to be associated with virginity… obviously that’s an old connotation, and one that can be washed away. Virtue shouldn’t be something that is difficult to achieve or binding, it should just be a given, a part of us.

So… long story short, I’m a proudly virtuous Pagan.

’til next time,

Blessed be,

Wren x