About Wren


I’m a Celtic Pagan from Yorkshire, England. I’m a former performance artist who enjoys writing complicated literary fiction, reading boring history books, listening to music and all things vintage.

I love the music of OMNIA, O.Children, Death Cab for Cutie, Chris Wood, Bellowhead, Warpaint, Florence and the Machine, and Bastille. I loves folk music and have a soft spot for Robin Hood in any form.


I suffered from depression, delusions, hallucinations and dissociation which started when I was fourteen and made a serious impression on my teenage years. I studied history, performing arts and psychology at A-level with a smattering of philosophy before undergoing an arduous actor-training course for a year.

I currently work in an unnamed supermarket as I attempts to teach myself the second part of my degree and write fiction in my spare time.

Great passions in my life include drumming, contortion and vintage fashion- I’m a living, breathing example of what happens when an obsession with social history gets out of hand. If you see me on the street feel free to point-and-stare, send an appreciative glance or just laugh. I’m used to all three.




8 thoughts on “About Wren

  1. You’re an odd bird.

    I wonder about the relationship between art and hallucination. That’s a personal concern. I also wonder about the relationship between traditional art and modern chaos. That’s a general concern which allows me to intellectualize my personal state within the contemporary American state of mixed-messages.

    You must know what I mean by the American craziness: Human Rights, Predatory Capitalism and blah, blah, blah. The bomb ’em and feed ’em mentality is nuts! It helps to isolate myself from “normal” American society with its hyper-ambitions but then I’m all alone . That’s when I find emotional consolation in Pagan symbols.

    I also find intellectual consolation, and timeless order, in Pagan symbols.
    I have a little altar, myself. It’s absolutely quiet. Yet it speaks to me on all levels.

    Good luck. You’re a very odd bird with lots of promise. I wish you the very best.

    • The modern world in which we live makes absolutely no sense, I find great entertainment in revelling in the madness of it all- I also take ‘odd’ as the highest compliment, so thank you greatly for that darling.
      Best wishes,
      Wren x

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