If You’re Easily Offended

Nothing is written on this blog with the intent to offend, I’m not that sort of person- so if you find yourself enraged at something I’ve said then you can guarantee there’s been a misunderstanding somewhere.

If You’re Underage

I started this blog when I was seventeen… therefore I can’t sit here and say: “if you’re under 18 leave, this might disturb you.” I started having mental health problems at the age of 14, I don’t think that you can put an age limit on this sort of thing, but I will say that all posts with potentially disturbing material will be marked as *TRIGGERING* so you can simply use your own judgement as to whether you’re the right age and in the right frame of mind to read them.

If You’re Wanting to Borrow

If you would like to quote me all I ask is that you clearly reference me, it helps inflate my ego.

If You’re Wanting to Steal

As a writer and general law enthusiast I know copyright law inside out, therefore under the copyright, designs and patents act 1988 all of this belong to me, Wren Sinclair and you cannot use it without crediting me as the author- or I will sue your arse.

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