About the Blog

The Druid Bird was started in April 2011 as a way for me to rant and let off some steam without having to direct it at loved ones or general people around me.

This is a blog dealing with my personal life and my mental health problems. It explores the challenges that I face and my tentative steps in the world whilst still trying to come to terms with myself and my identity. It showcases my warped sense of humour and my own impressions of various issues that are faced by myself and people in the same boat as me.

It also explores my faith and my interests, I am a dedicated Celtic Pagan and my faith has always been my rock and a great comfort for me. I want to reconcile my two identities, the mentally ill Wren and the capable, in control Pagan Wren. This is a way for me to find out who I am, and to convince myself that I haven’t killed Wren by hiding her away and pretending to be someone else for so long.

As time has gone on this blog has started to become a chronicle of my life and every thought provoking thing that comes my way, the posts have no rhyme or reason, they’re purely based on what I love and what I’m thinking about. It also covers how I deal with mental illness whilst working as a performance artist and student.

Current Blog Schedule: At the moment I post twice a week for definite, Mentalist Monday posts cover topics relating to mental health and Pagan Friday posts are about Paganism. I also generally like to post on a Wednesday, these posts cover lighter topics such as my everyday life and my favourite films/books/music, these will be posted on Wednesdays. All other posts are fondly known as And Now For Something Totally Different and will be about anything that takes my fancy!

Thanks for reading.


10 thoughts on “About the Blog

  1. Just to inflate your ego a bit, I have read this page and several other entries in your blog… You write well and cover important topics. The difficulties you have been through have given you a wisdom which many of your readers will benefit from. Respect!

  2. Recently I had an issue concerning a suicide attempt (not me, but a very close friend), and reading your blog comforted me. Thanks 🙂

    • Thank you, hearing stuff like that (that my writing was helpful) makes me so incredibly happy, I’m really so glad that what I write here can make things easier for people- even if it’s just in a small way 🙂

      • Trust me, it helped me get another perspective of what I used tp call ‘the coward’s way out’. I might blog about it soon, once all the madness has cooled off.

      • That’s good, one of my best friends is really strongly anti-suicide, he’s always been open about that with me and it’s lead to a lot of interesting discussions. We’ve never argued about it though- which is kinda odd when I think about it, but I think we understand each others stance and respect it. You should blog about it, I mean, for me I find that blogging about stuff really helps to get it off my chest and stops it going round and round in my head, it gives me some relief 🙂

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