Please Vote!

Before I give a little Wren-round-up I wanted to take this opportunity to speak to any of my UK readers:


If you’ve registered then there should be nothing stopping you- short of unforeseen catastrophe, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t vote. Do a little bit of Googling, find out who’s standing in your area and what their party represents… and then vote for the one you agree with! It’s easy, it’s simple, it’s five minutes of your day and I think it’s really important.


Even if you go in and deface your ballot paper, take this time to make yourself heard. Democracy is something that a lot of people don’t have, and never will. Please, don’t take your freedom for granted.

I’m not going to share my political views with you, I don’t mind what you think- even if you want to vote for UKIP, I don’t mind, Just cast your vote!


Elsewhere in my life:

I’m preparing to knuckle down and learn the Highway Code. The next few weeks are going to be unbearably boring, my target was to have my theory test done by the time R leaves, and I might just make it. At least I started taking practical driving lessons the other week and at my next one I’m going to ask my instructor if we can up it to two lessons a week. I have the time and the money, I’d rather get it done soon.

For the moment the play is on hold. It’s not cancelled though, which is actually a surprise. My director said that he’d contact us ‘later in the year’, I’m not sure how much ‘later’ it will be, so that might cause some issues. My life is going to get pretty hectic from mid-August onwards.

The exciting news is that I’m working on my travel plans for August. So at some point next week I’m going to depart with lots of money and really solidify this whole ‘going to another country’ thing. I’ve also told my boss that I’m taking a month off this summer- I’ve given him the dates and told him that I’m willing to take it totally unpaid, so everything’s ready to go!

Hope you’re all well, I’ll check in again soon.

’til next time,

Wren x


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