An Open Letter to Cameron, Clegg and Miliband

Something is happening that is making me both very happy and a little worried.

The election campaign is rolling on, it’s only a couple of weeks now until we have to make a decision about which way we’re going to vote.

So far a lot of politicians have been making a lot of promises about mental health, and what you would do to help those with mental health problems if we vote you into power. Firstly, I want to thank whoever gave you the idea of pushing mental health issues. It’s incredibly gratifying to see mental health being actually talked about openly, it seems like the incredible lack of funding for mental health problems is finally being recognised.

The way that mental health care has been swept under the radar for such a long time is shocking, and with a rise in mental health problems (or at least people being open about their mental health problems) it’s an issue that can’t be ignored any longer.

Secondly, I want to stress that I hope you keep your promises; obviously, you’re politicians- so I’m not hoping for too much- but I hope that you understand that raising the hopes of a group of people who desperately need help and have been ignored for a long, long time. You have a real chance to help quite a large minority, and you’d better get it right.

And thirdly, if you do start to implement measures to improve mental health care you’d better think about it. Throwing money at the problem won’t help, you need to step back, think and consider things properly.

Talking about mental health breaks down the stigma, but the words that you’re saying won’t be enough to make real changes to the lives of people who suffer. If you’re going to talk about mental health and use it to get yourselves votes you’d better be prepared to make good on your promises. If you can’t do that, then stop trying to use mental illness to gain popularity.

’til next time,

Wren x




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