Plans for 2015: The First Update


1. Get my driving license: I’m actually working on this one, almost ready to take my theory test. I wanted to wait until I’d finished my essay, and that’s now 99% finished. I’ve been doing practise tests and getting 92% so I think it’s going well.

2. Read more: this is going very well! I stopped a little to read lots of books for my essay, but I’ve ploughed through quite a few on my list since the start of the year. The problem is that I have a tendency to buy books all of the time, so my ‘to read’ pile isn’t shrinking…

3. Expand my knowledge of cooking: Yes! I’ve done pretty well at challenging myself to cook more and try more complex dishes. Hopefully that won’t stop when I go back to living with my parents full time.

4. Take up some kind of exercise: Haha, hell no!

5. Write more: I’ve started editing my most recent story, that got put on hold for a little because of my essay but I’ll be picking that back up now I’m done with boring writing. I do have to say that editing makes me appreciate writing more, simply because having to edit something is so damn boring!

Wow, I have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised; this might not be the mild failure that last years turned out to be… touch wood.

’til next time,

Wren x


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