Arguments Against Feminism?

Recently there was a massive argument on Facebook amongst some people I know. A couple of guys were getting angry at a girl who was ‘posting more Feminist bullshit’ on her wall. I watched the argument closely as more and more people joined in and brought up different points.

Of course, it inevitably ended in name-calling and spewing irrational anger as all Facebook arguments do. I picked out some of the anti-Feminist points and want to address them here, in the sane and hopefully more rational space of my blog:


  • Feminism is sexist. I had someone recently try to argue that the term ‘feminism’ is inherently sexist. Feminists believe in gender equality; but the angle that we take is that women shouldn’t be treated as lesser than men because of their gender. That’s why the word is feminism, because society has a tendency to give men an advantage. It’s not because we want to be better than men, or immune from criticism; we believe that we should be given equal opportunities.
  • It doesn’t apply to Western society. Erm, it does… there are examples of sexist attitudes everywhere in our society, from ‘rape culture’ to the glass ceiling. And even if our society was free of sexism, I’d still be a feminist- because there are so many other countries and societies in the world where women are not equal to men, and they are treated appallingly. Just because you’re lucky enough to live somewhere progressive and safe doesn’t mean that you can stick your head in the sand and ignore everyone else.
  • I don’t hate men. Feminists don’t hate men! Everyone has this stereotype of the shit-spewing, aggressive, man-hating feminist… can someone please tell me where these feminists live? Because I have yet to meet one of them. I believe that men can be victimised too, I believe that they have rights and strive to uphold them. Men have problems too; they have societal standards that they have to live up to that I feel are wrong. I believe in the equality of the sexes, not that women should be better.
  • I’m not a victim. Well good for you! I’m not a fucking victim either; I’ve been molested and bullied, but I’m not a victim. If you haven’t experienced sexual violence then be thankful; I have, and I still believe that society gives men unfair standards to live up to. I have every reason to hate men, but I’m a rational and compassionate human being and I try to be fair. Yes, we shouldn’t forget that women rape and assualt men, but 1 in 5 women have experienced sexual assault- and that’s sickening. You may not be a ‘victim’ but someone you know is.
  • Feminists hate stay-at-home Mothers. We don’t. Feminism is about equality and giving women a choice. If you choose to stay at home and take care of your children then that’s your choice and we’d fight to get you fair maternity pay and rights. We also fight to give men the chance to be stay-at-home Fathers.

’til next time,

Wren x


8 thoughts on “Arguments Against Feminism?

  1. I agree with all these points, but unfortunately I have met the man-haters. They give me the distinct urge to hit something, because they put your wonderfully-given points away in favor of their hatred. My friend H was on a feminist forum, asking for help over a horrible sexual assault that had happened to her. The forum picked her apart, called her a liar and told her she wasn’t raped. She was a mess after that. It’s so sad that these people are out there still and saying all this. Your points get buried under fighting idiots, when they need to be heard. X

    • It’s such a shame, that reminds me of a conversation that I had a few years ago with a friend of mine- we were talking about Paganism and they commented that every religion/group has ‘anomalies’, members who use the message of that faith/group as an excuse for their own anger. Sadly, it’s those people who get the most attention. I hope your friend managed to get some help. x

  2. I thought I might add this as an interesting link you might be interested in reading:

    And I watched a video recently about how pharmaceutical companies target women for their emotions and “caringness” as if it’s unique to women. Most of them comments against the video were speaking out against how the video “tried to make women feel week for accepting medical help for depression” when in fact I thought it was pointing out in part the over targeted and the misdiagnosed women but also the neglected male proportion of our population.

    Feminism is a Western problem. We are still underrepresented in most careers. Even when we invade male skill territory it is highly sexualised with things like the media flurry towards hot army chicks and female mechanics and gamers being depicted as seductresses. Yes, gaming is bloody sexy but we’re humans of substance. And these days there are still people in Western society who are asking “why do we bother educating working class girls when they’ll just become mothers by the age of 18 anyway?” BECAUSE EDUCATED WOMEN START THE BEST FAMBLIES EVER DUMBASSSSSSS!!!

    Why is feminism still relevant in Western society? Because of the Rotheram scandal and similar cases. Girls, sexually abused, from bad backgrounds and especially in the care system are always considered to be “those girls”. In other words, vulnerable young women are considered complicit in their own abuse. IN THE UNITED KINGDOM.

    Why is feminism relevant in Western Society? Because we still look at women’s writing. Like it’s a whole serperate other special thing.

    Feminists aren’t victims. They’re warriors. … In my book at least.

    Sorry if I got carried away.


    • Don’t apologise! That article was brilliant, sometimes it feels like 80% of being a Feminist is trying to reassure men that I don’t hate them. It can get frustrating and exhausting.
      Mental illness and depression are so under diagnosed in men, it’s such a shame, but the stigma of a man admitting that he has problems just seems to be too much. I know that my Dad has some serious problems, but he’d NEVER go to therapy- even when it was hurting his family. It was just seen as a ‘weak’ thing to do. However, I do know other guys that have got help and treatment and moved through problems. I really hope this is a sign of things starting to change, but I don’t think it’s anywhere near perfect yet.
      Again, I couldn’t agree more with what you’re saying. Women still struggle for equality in Western society. We’re judged far more than men on our appearance and physical attributes. The amount of women who successfully press charges for rape/sexual assualt is shockingly low. These things need to change, it’ll take a long time- but it has to happen.
      Exactly! We’ve been fighting for so long to get equality, we’ve won the legal battles; now we need to work on changing peoples way of thinking and get rid of ingrained assumptions.
      Wren x

  3. I’m pretty sure I’ve got the following wrong(I didn’t do any research), but I believe feminism has seen enough rights. Where are the responsibilities? Also, I know that feminism is trying to equalise society, but it just pisses me off that guys are naturally stronger, and so are required to sign up for draft, while for women its voluntary. So a women is allowed to do whatever she wants with her body(abortion), but men in many countries have no choice as to what happens to their lives? Although my issue is probably with drafting, but the fact that so many young men have to give up several years of their lives to the state while women fight for abortion rights just doesn’t sound too right. Finally, based on personal experience, I believe that men have the physical advantage while women have the emotional advantage. A man is expected to be the strong one, while a women can be emotional and have people comfort her. Too many times I wanted to cry, but told myself that I couldn’t, because I was a guy. Shouldn’t it be like you’re an effing grown up, stop crying whatever your gender?

    Again, sorry if I sound like a total asshole, I’m just sick of this whole feminism thing which has mostly turned into ‘men-haters’ with only a few true feminists that fight for the core values that the original movement started, but are rarely heard.

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