Spring is Here?

I spent this morning trapped in the air-conditioned box that is my workplace, wistfully staring out of the window at the lovely blue sky and sunshine and hoping against hope that it wouldn’t have turned back into a windy, snowy blizzard by the time I’d finished my shift.

Amazingly, the good weather held off and made my boring afternoon into something more exciting; I can feel spring coming!

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I spent the afternoon wandering about the house and picking up a few things before heading down to the flat, I finished the first draft for my essay (the final unit of my LTCL qualification) yesterday, so I’m having a little break before I start the editing.

DSCN0905I even ventured out into the garden for a while, although a combination of strong, cold wind and workmen re-surfacing the road by our garage meant that it wasn’t quite the relaxing experience I’d been hoping for.

DSCN0906Tomorrow I’m going to get lost somewhere near Leeds trying to find my way to an interview, so that should be the adventure of the week… on another note I took the lovely but cold weather to be an excuse to break out the £2 dungarees I bought last June.

DSCN0918Focus your eyes on the lovely necklace that R bought me for my birthday instead of the chapped lips; it’s a tiny compass- he says he bought it for me because of my love of travelling, but I think he hopes it’ll cure my tendency to get lost.

Hope you’ve started to see the first signs of light coming back (if you’re in the Northern hemisphere), have a lovely rest of the week!

’til next time,

Wren x



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