My Travelling Bucket List

For years and years I was happy to stay at home, I was never someone who wanted to spread their wings; however, times and people change, and in the last year I’ve developed a love of travelling.

Here’s a run down of some of the places I’d love to visit:


From here.

When I was about fourteen I decided that as soon as I left school I’d make a pilgrimage to Glastonbury, I had pictures of the Tor taped onto my bedroom wall and thought about it nearly every day. Sadly, since leaving school my life has taken lots of different directions and I haven’t had the chance to make a trip to this wonderful place, I’m hoping to tick this one off my list in the next year though!



I’ve been to other parts of Poland, but I haven’t actually been to Warsaw. I’m passionate about Polish history, especially the Second World War and the Warsaw Uprising, so making a trip to the place that I’ve read so much about would be a dream come true. I’d love to explore the city and trace the remaining history. Poland is a wonderful country and I want to see more!



Now, I have actually been here several times; but I love this region of Italy! The food and the scenery are both amazing, it’s the perfect place to relax and have a break from everything. There’s a lot of history, and if you head over in the summer the weather is almost guaranteed to be gorgeous. The pace of life in the rural parts of Tuscany is much slower and a welcome change if you’re stressed out. It’s somewhere I spent holidays as a teenager and I’d really like to go again.



I love Scotland, I’ve been to many parts and several of the larger cities; however, I haven’t been very far north, and I love wilderness and the idea of exploring. Ever since I was very young I’ve wanted to explore off the Scottish mainland and see the power of the elements. It strongly appeals to the Pagan part of me.


There are quite a few other places that I’d like to explore, but they’re a little more vague. The big one is America; I’d love to explore Alaska and New England- maybe that’s an odd mix, seeing as they’re on opposite sides of the country! I saw a documentary on Alaska a little while ago and it absolutely called out to me, it was such a gorgeous looking place full of wildlife. I also do better in cold temperatures, so that wouldn’t phase me. New England draws me in because of the history, that’s something that I’d love to learn more about. Plus, the culture just seems interesting and I’m curious. As well as that I think I’d like to take a trip to Canada sometime, just to see the differences between it and its neighbour- plus it seems like a gorgeous country to visit.

’til next time,

Wren x


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