Spring and Renewal

The last week or so has been hectic for me, I had some problems with my jaw and teeth and was just generally pretty unwell for a while. Add that to some menstrual issues and the illness that I got over Xmas and you have a very fed up Wren.

I’ve spent the last week or so really knuckling down in terms of writing my essay and studying driving theory. I only have this essay to do and send off and then (assuming I pass) I’ll have everything sorted and a great qualification under my belt.

DSCN0877I’m having more dental work done tomorrow, which will probably aggravate my jaw- but I’ve been putting it off for a couple of weeks already, and frankly I just want it all done and over with.

On Friday I’ll be heading out for an interview for a place to study the final year of my degree. I’m feeling apprehensive but quite chilled about it, the place where I’m going have made it clear to me that they think I’m over-qualified (?!) but are happy to take me if I can secure the funding. Fingers crossed the interview will just be a formality.

DSCN0884I feel slightly strange at the moment; my crazy plan seems to be coming together (touch wood), although I can only really breathe easily once September rolls around and I start my new course. I would actually also say that I feel good, I have this strange feeling of calm that has settled in my stomach… it’s not something I’m used to, but it’s not unwelcome either.

DSCN0889The pictures that I’m putting through this post are from our trip to Pickering. We had a lovely V-Day weekend just chilling, walking around and generally spending some quality time with each other away from the madness of my home-town.

We live in a lovely place, it’s big enough to be a proper ‘town’, but small enough that everyone knows everyone else… that can get a little frustrating sometimes. It’s nice to spend time out and about without bumping into colleagues and people that I went to school with.

DSCN0891I’ve also discovered the music of Max Richter, I’ve put my two favourite pieces at the beginning and end of this post; this is a real break in tradition for me, I’m not someone who likes classical music at all. In fact, I usually shy away from any music without words, but I stumbled upon this by accident and have been mesmerised.

DSCN0892I plan to spend the rest of this evening re-familiarising myself with Harvard referencing (it’s been too many years…) and cuddling up with R. I can’t wait until this time next week when most of my tedious jobs will be done!

DSCN0884As usual, thanks for reading. I hope the first signs of spring are bringing hope and renewal to you too.

’til next time,

Wren x


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