Updates on Pagan Fridays + Life

Some of you may know that the Pagan Blog Project isn’t running any more, I haven’t quite decided what I want to do about this- I could keep on posting about Paganism as usual on Fridays but I think that theme is getting a bit stale. I’ve been doing it for a few years now and I want to take some time to re-evaluate.

Whatever I do end up writing about on Fridays it will probably be related to history, mythology or spirituality. So if you like those then check back here in a few weeks when I’ve made my mind up.

Life at the moment is pretty hectic. I have a headache at the moment and that only happens when I’m fairly stressed; I’m trying to figure out my education for next year (on the plus side, I got 1/3 of my LTCL exam results back and I got 90/100, which is a distinction!) whilst receiving contradicting information from everyone I talk to. The deadline for UCAS forms is this Thursday… and no-one is replying to my emails.

As well as that, I’ve stared seeing my Grandma everywhere. Every old woman looks so like her… I can see her face in theirs faces. The worst part isn’t realising that it’s not her, it’s realising that it can never be her. It’s realising that I don’t have any grandparents, that relationship is gone, and I’m never going to get it back.

Plus, I’ve been having some trouble with my teeth and it looks like it’s going to be costly and painful to fix. I hate the dentist and I spend so much time looking after my teeth, this whole situation is so frustrating.

Me and my partner are going to have to spend some time apart this year (and next year too) from the moment we started seeing each other we knew this day would come, but time hasn’t made it any easier. We don’t have to worry about it until the summer, but that still feels too close for my liking. I’m trying to be brave, but inside I’m shitting myself.

That’s enough complaining for this week; anyone who make it to the end can be rewarded with some wonderful music:

’til next time,

Wren x


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