Plans for 2014: The Final Updates

I honestly didn’t know what to post tonight, I think my post on Monday went through the year in a lot of depth. So I thought we’d do one final post about my plans for 2014 and the progress I made.

1. Paint my nails more: I did this, I feel satisfied with the amount of chemicals that I plastered onto my nails this year. All in all it was fun and I’ll be painting away come 2015!

2. Read books: Haha, this one didn’t go very well at the start of the year but kind of got a lot better in the last few months. I’m going to be doing two posts (next Wednesday and the Wednesday after that) on the books that I read, what I thought of them, and the books that I’m going to be reading in 2015.

3. Do more rituals: I think I’m getting back into the swing of things, it’s hard because I spend 90% of my time at my partner’s flat and I don’t have an altar here. I’m going to try and fix this in the coming year but I think I’ve broken the lazy streak I’d gotten into.

4. Edit my latest novel: I’ve actually started doing this! It’s going to take a lot of time and effort but I’ve done the necessary research and I think I can actually do this story justice. I’m really happy with myself.

5. Plan another novel: I have two stories that I’m playing with at the moment and that I really feel I could write. One is more historical and would take a lot of research (Post WW1 prostitution anyone?) the other is contemporary but very brutal. It all depends on what I feel I could do justice to.

6. Say ‘no’: I really aced this one, I said no to men, to the past, to fear and to people trying to make me do things that I didn’t like. I walked away from someone toxic and planned a future that would make me happy.

Overall I’m a happy lady, for the first time in years I’m having a quiet new years. I hope wherever you are you’re having a nice night with people that you love. Stay safe and have fun.

’til 2015,

Wren x


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