I don’t set a lot of store by astrology; it’s something that I’ve always taken with a pinch of salt. This may seem a little strange for someone who believes in Gods, ghost and the Fey, but something about when your parents chose to have sex dictating who you are and everything about you seems a little off to me.

However, like a lot of people I still like to glance at horoscopes and maintain a morbid curiosity in the Zodiac.

I’m a Capricorn, I think this means I’m supposed to be boring and stubborn… which I am… but whilst astrology seems to fit me nicely I don’t like the idea of generalising to everyone else.

Astrology can be seen as an ancient precursor to today’s modern personality types. There are many different ways of classifying personality, from the Type A and B personality theory to the Big Five personality traits to the Enneagram- the latter being a personal favourite of mine.

I think that it’s probably helpful if we look at astrology like this, the forerunner to the personality classifications. Whilst a lot of people do conform to their birth sign, a lot of others don’t. I don’t know if we should resign the Zodiac to history but I do think it should be taken with a serious pinch of salt.

If I have to read about astrology then the one place I do think makes sense on the subject is Spelwerx, a website that specialises in Celtic Magick and dips into astrology with more accuracy than anywhere else- if you want some good, comprehensive writing on the subject then give this site a try.


Wren x

Image from: http://www.ancient-wisdom.co.uk/Images/Zodiac-Barocius-1585.jpg


One thought on “Zodiac

  1. There is a lot more to astrology than superficial sun sign astrology. Just try giving your date, place and time of birth to any astrologer and you will quickly realise that.

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