These are a Few of my Favourite Things… (For Winter)

DSCN0836This isn’t very ‘wintery’ but I’m obsessed with these things at the moment; I love to suck on a mint whilst I’m at work. I find that the stale, recycled air of the store leaves my mouth dry and uncomfortable. Orange flavoured things are always my favourite and my partner discovered these recently; they have the tingly, cooling effect of a mint but with a sharp orange flavour. Mmm,

DSCN0837It’s winter, therefore I like to paint my nails. I don’t know what it is about the falling temperature that has me breaking out the polish, but it happens every year. These are three of my favourite festive colours; the green and the red are fairly obvious but I’m partial to purple too. As you can see I like deep, rich colours the best. I think they go well with my colouring.

DSCN0839As a rule, I’m not really a perfume wearer, maybe a little bit of body spray, but perfume never really appealed to me. Last Xmas I got this from Ma, I love Liz Earle products but had never really considered them as anything other than a skincare brand. I tried this a little while ago and loved it, it smells musky and comforting (a little like my Grandma) but still young enough that I can get away with it. Also, it feels super feminine to spritz on a bit of perfume before I walk out of the door…

DSCN0841I love hot chocolate… actually, scratch that, I love sugar. This is a little bit different, however. It’s peppermint flavoured- at first I thought it would be really rich and overwhelming but it’s actually a nice crossover between hot chocolate and peppermint tea. Indulgent and refreshing at the same time.

DSCN0842What would winter be without a scarf? I love a good scarf, they’re fun accessories that keep you warm and give you something to fiddle with during boring meetings. Of course, I couldn’t just have a normal scarf… this was given to me a few years ago by a friend; it’s wonderfully ridiculous. It’s essentially two different triangular scarves sewn together to make a square and then decorated with brightly coloured tassels. I love it.

DSCN0843This winter I’ve really been noticing my skin drying out, these are my two favourite things to slather on my face when this happens. As someone who always had greasy, oily skin I’m not used to moisturising… but I am getting older, and I don’t have teenage skin anymore, so I need to find a balance. Hence the moisturising.

Well, if you’ve made it this far then you can be rewarded with a picture of our half-finished Xmas tree, complete with mechanical bird perched on the top!

DSCN0844Look at that thing of beauty…

’til next time,

Wren x



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