Pagan Music

It’s a cold, misty night here in North Yorkshire where I live. In order to stave off the chill and keep you occupied I’m going to post some of my favourite Pagan music.

I think that music is an incredibly powerful thing. It can change our mood and transport us away in an instant. At the moment I’m feeling a little down and so hopefully these tracks will help to relax me this evening.

Some of these songs are Pagan, some of them are not- recently I’ve been listening to more mainstream music, not because it particularly speaks to me, just because it’s easier to stumble across. I miss my Pagan sounds, but it’s becoming harder and harder to discover new ones.

I love listening to the OBOD’s monthly podcast; Druidcast. It gives me a taste of the Pagan music and events that are floating around at the moment… but that’s about it. I’m really missing the Pagan Radio Network and Numinosis. (The latter was formerly known as ‘A Darker Shade of Pagan.’) I’m on the look out for a new Pagan music. Any recommendations are more than appreciated!

Hope you’re having a good evening, wherever you are.


Wren x



2 thoughts on “Pagan Music

    • You’re welcome, I came across most of them listening to the Numinosis podcast (it used to be called ‘A Darker Shade of Pagan’) which sadly isn’t being made any more, but the episodes are still available for free on iTunes. Yay! Another Northerner! 🙂

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