Writing About Writing

I’ve been writing stories since I was very young. Writing has always been a part of my life and it’s always been something that I want to carry on and develop. At the moment I’m thinking about writing another novel-length story (by that I mean 80,000+ words.) I’ve written about five stories of that length over the last few years and I have lots of ideas for more.

However, before I start this big project I want to write something smaller (30,000+ words) to try and warm up. The problem that I’m having is that I have no idea what I write about.

I mean, that’s kind of a lie… I have some ideas. (I’m thinking ww2, it’s the time period I know the most about and am most passionate about.) I just don’t have a plot, or characters or anything else really.

Writing has always been such a huge part of my identity and my life, it’s been really sad for me to leave it behind over the last couple of years to pursue acting. I do, however, think that I’m at a point now where I’ve had a lot of life experience which has freed me up in terms of writing. A couple of years ago I was hitting a brick wall, I had a lot of stories that I wanted to write but I didn’t feel that I had the maturity or the experience to do justice to them. Right now I feel that I have developed both of those things… long term readers of this blog may beg to differ…

So, in short; I love writing, I want to get better at it by writing a novella- the plot of which has yet to be decided- and then research and write one of the novel length stories that’s been beating around inside my head for the last five or so years.

Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions or just comments about writing are more than welcome.

After years of searching it feels a little bit like I’m finally home!

’til next time,

Wren x


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