Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated…

You will be pleased (or not) to know that I am alive and well and still planning to blog as usual. Sadly last week was a trying one and I just needed to take a break from here deal with what was happening. If I’d have tried to blog it would have been rubbish and depressing. So I took a little break.

The short story is that my Grandma died on Thursday, she deteriorated rapidly from Monday onwards and I spent most of Wednesday with her. She was an old lady and she had a peaceful death with her family around her.

With her death we’ve lost the matriarch of our family, the glue that held us together. I probably won’t see many family members now that she’s not here for them to visit.

I was lucky enough to have a great and close relationship with my Grandma. She lived a few streets away from me and I saw her frequently. She would come to us for Christmas day every year, so this year will be very strange.

I don’t have any grandparents now. Just a couple of Aunts, an Uncle and a few cousins. I don’t count the family members who don’t bother to make contact with me.

The world feels a little lonelier right now.

I’ll be back on Wednesday.

’til next time,

Wren x


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