An Explanation + Scarborough

Lately I’ve been missing out on doing posts on Wednesdays, this is due to a combination of factors such as crap internet, crap wordpress and crap mental state.

To be perfectly honest I just haven’t really been very inspired to write about anything on Wednesdays. I left this day as a day where I could post about anything that I wanted… and it ended up turning into a day where I posted about serious things. I was putting a bit of pressure on myself to write three big articles a week. I’ll be clear, writing them wasn’t the problem, thinking of what to write about was.

I felt like I was putting out half-arsed content. So from now on I’m going to relax and try to write something more light-hearted and casual on Wednesdays.

To entertain you whilst I work out what exactly I will be writing on Wednesdays I give you a selection of pictures from Scarborough that I took over the weekend:


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