This is one of those posts that will bring a flood of people to my blog who were originally searching for porn.

Sorry guys, try somewhere else- no ‘naked pagan sex’ happening here.


Virginity is overrated.

And I, for one, am absolutely sick of it.

When you’re a teenager it’s all you think about. I remember the pressure of losing my virginity being almost unbearable as I was growing up… and I’m a woman… so stereotypes dictate that I shouldn’t really be feeling that pressure.

I feel sorry for all of the men out there who are sweating under the pressure of having to have sex before a certain age to be ‘normal’ and to have social status.

For those virgins reading this post I want to make something very, very clear:

Losing your virginity will be one of the most anti-climactic moments of your life.

You won’t feel different, you won’t look different… you probably won’t even get much pleasure out of the experience at all. Your social status will not change; you won’t become cooler or more popular just by losing your virginity. If you do then I’m sorry, but your friends are idiots.

It’s kind of baffling that people care about whether you’re a virgin or not in our society. We’re supposed to have moved on from the Christian idea of virginity being sacred… and we have, but it’s changed into something else.

Personally, I think that women still can’t win when it comes to sex- you’re either a whore or a prude and it’s rare that we manage to gain some kind of middle ground.

Opinions about sex are very varied. I’m sure we all have a number in our heads that we wan to hear when we ask our partner how many sexual partners they’ve had.

I think that both when you lost your virginity and how many people you’ve slept with in your life are unimportant. I think that they say things about you, (not good or bad things) but they do give an indication of your personality.

I don’t like the way that I lost my virginity. I’m not really going to talk about it here because it’s something that I still don’t like to think about. Maybe someday I’ll write about it on this blog, but that day is not today.

Sometimes I wish I’d waited until I’d met my current partner… other times I’m glad that I didn’t.

My advice would be to wait. Don’t run before you can walk, I don’t care what age you lose your virginity- or how you do it- but please, please just wait until you are ready. You’ll know when that moment comes, trust me. There’s no shame in waiting, and anyone who makes you feel ashamed is someone you should feel sorry for, they have no courage to stand up for themselves against the ridiculous expectations of society.

Sex is sacred, it’s the most private and intimate act- it’s an act of love and pleasure. Enjoy sex, because when it’s good, it’s incredible… but when it’s bad, it’s bloody horrible.

Take your time; some people will be ready at sixteen, others will be ready at thirty. There’s no rush.


Wren x



2 thoughts on “Virgin

  1. I feel your pain about the web search term phenomenon. I posted a photo of my autumnal crocus flowers once with tag “naked boys” — a nickname for the flowers which blossom with no greenery at all. You can imagine…

    • Haha, oh wow; a couple of years ago I wrote a post about nudity and its importance within Pagan ritual… as you can imagine, my traffic went through the roof and I eventually got so annoyed that I ended up taking it down!

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