Body Image: Unrealistic Aims

Us humans have always made life difficult for ourselves.

We create prisons, mental prisons, that make us unhappy, stressed and depressed.

One of those prisons is body image.

It seems crazy to me that we surround ourselves with images of how we think we should look- these images are either fake, unobtainable or just hard to physically match. We then feel like crap when we can’t match up to them.

I hate that people spend their lives as slaves to body image. People feel that they can’t wear certain things or go certain places because they’re scared that they won’t look right.

There’s no such thing as ‘normal’. It just doesn’t exist; yet we spend our entire lives trying to live up to this fictional standard.

I hate that people feel miserable because society tells them that they look wrong. I hate that people put themselves through pain trying to conform to society’s standards.

Where do we draw the line when it comes to dieting, plastic surgery… make-up? People use these things to make themselves feel better, but would they need them if society was more realistic?

I wear make-up because I find it fun and it makes me feel good… but how much of that is society telling me that it’s fun?

Our culture is so saturated with these images, the reality that we have is so warped that we can’t tell where it begins and ends. We are born into a world that has unrealistic standards and we half kill ourselves trying to live up to them.

I’m angry. I like anger, I think it’s a productive emotion.

Sadly I think the likelihood of me deconstructing society and making it reflect reality is a slim one.

’til next time,

Wren x



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