Teachers are important, they guide us through the darkness and show us the mistakes that they’re made so that we can avoid experiencing them ourselves.

I’ve spent a lot of time without a teacher, I just could never find one. I think there’s something else as well, you need to be able to trust a teacher. It’s no good just taking what you can find. I think that you’re better off alone than with someone who you can’t trust.

I’m talking about all kinds of teacher, from academic to spiritual. I’ve never had a spiritual teacher, I moved away from that years and years ago when I moved away from Christianity. I loved the freedom that Paganism gave me, I enjoy being my own teacher and making mistakes. It helps me to feel independent and closer to my Gods.

In terms of my academic life I’ve had teachers that I hated and didn’t trust at all. I’ve always had a mistrust of teachers, it goes right back to being five or six and having them laugh at me when I told them that I was being bullied. That sort of impression when you’re young can spawn a lifetime of hurt feelings.

There are a lot of good teachers around, I’ve encountered them time and time again. I’ve had teachers who’ve positively influenced my life and who I’ll be indebted to forever.

In terms of my spirituality I never had access to a teacher. When I was starting out there just wasn’t anyone there to guide me. I think it’s very hard to find someone when you are young and don’t come from a Pagan background or live in an area with a large Pagan community. Now I’ve gotten to the stage where I feel confident enough that I don’t want to engage a teacher.

In terms of my academic development I’ve had some amazing teacher and some appalling teachers. I’ve decided to go ahead with the guidance of a teacher that I trust, but not regular lessons. I spent the last year with an appalling teacher, I don’t want to put myself back in that position again.

If you feel you need or want a teacher, take your time and find someone you can trust. I think it’s better to try things by yourself than be dependant on someone you don’t trust.


Wren x


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