Despite rumours to the contrary I am still alive, well, and posting on Fridays. To illustrate the point I’m actually typing this about ten minutes after getting out of bed. Having Fridays off is proving to be lethal… but highly relaxing…

The view of a lot of ancient Pagan religions is that they involved sacrifices to the Gods of all kinds, from jewellery to animals to humans. These facts are disputed a little (especially when it comes to human sacrifice.) I’ve only studied the Ancient Celts in great detail so I really can’t say anything about other cultures.

Personally I think that the Celts did perform sacrifice of all types- though probably not anywhere close to the extent that the Romans suggested (that’s what happens when your enemies write your history.)

I do, however, think that it did happen- that sacrifices of all natures happened across ancient societies and that we shouldn’t shy away from this. I think that we should embrace our past and learn about it rather than pretending that it didn’t happen.

Had we been alive in those days I’m sure we would have found sacrifice to be perfectly normal. There are many customs that died out over the years that to our ‘modern’ eyes would seem barbaric.

Paganism fit the times that our ancestors lived in; these were times full of blood and desperation. Death was much more commonplace, war happened in your back garden- not hundreds of miles away.

The Gods will always demand sacrifices; just maybe not in the form of goats… and they don’t really ‘demand’ them.

I think that my relationship with them is better when I spend more of my time meditating or doing rituals. Now that my life belongs to me again I’m trying to do both of those more.

In our ‘busy modern lives’ it can be hard to carve out time for our Gods. I’ve realised that I hate this, I hate that my job and other commitments refuse to see that I have a faith. We have to make sacrifices to assure that we have time to spend with the ones that we love and appreciate most of all.


Wren x


5 thoughts on “Sacrifice

  1. I make my offerings rather spontaneously. I don’t usually feel they are demanded, but sometimes they are strongly urged. I often feel a great need and desire to make them on the spur of the moment at any given time.

  2. Funny enough I just had a similar discussion with my (atheist) partner.

    I think sacrifice is about accepting that you need to be ready to give in order to receive. For the ancients a goat was a hard thing to give so it was a powerful sacrifice. These days if you leave out a hand full of biscuits I think it’s really mostly the thought and the time you sacrifice because the biscuits really mean nothing to you; it doesn’t hurt to give them away. But to find the time and commitment to do it and do it on a regular basis can be hard.

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