Lady of Leisure

My course is over, I’m still working in a supermarket but not that much. It’s time for me to put my feet up and relax for a bit… only I can’t.

I’ve never been the kind of person to sit still, I’ve been writing from the age of thirteen and reading from the age of god-knows-what. I love to fill my life with creativity- but it’s more than that. I think I just like to be busy.

It took me about thirty six hours to grow tired of my new-found freedom. I’m sitting here feeling a little out of place and idle. You spend forever waiting for a break and then when it finally comes you can’t wait to get up and out again. I’m terrible with this sort of thing, I’m one of those people who needs to be busy.

I find that my mind tends to wander when I’m not busy; it starts to worry and fixate on things that it should be leaving well alone. My anxiety really takes hold when there’s nothing to distract it. I wish that I could switch my brain off but sadly it doesn’t really work like that.

At the moment I’m trying to give myself a list of goals and tasks to complete in order to stop my mind from wandering to places where it shouldn’t be and allow me to focus on doing productive things. I wish that I could just relax, I’m thinking of upping my hours at work- it’ll take my mind off things and get me more money… the only downside is that I’ll be at work more, which could just make me grumpy.

However, I should probably stop complaining and instead use my free time and love for productivity to make progress. I have sewing that I want to do, cleaning that should be done and writing. Lots and lots of writing. Mmm, writing…

So essentially, I’m a former procrastinator who has forgotten how to procrastinate… joy.

On the plus side; I have more time to blog!!

’til next time,

Wren x


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