A Formula for Life

There’s a formula for how to live your life.

Go to school, make friends and get good grades. Choose your favourite subject and continue to study it at university; party hard, have a good time and complete your degree. Get a good job, a small but nice place to live and meet someone lovely. Get married, buy a house and a dog/cat and then have children. Bring them up, grow old, retire and watch countdown. Die in your sleep.

I think that life doesn’t really cater for people who work outside of that formula.

At the moment I am essentially having a career crisis- well, at least it’s only a career crisis and not a life crisis; it show that I’m pretty happy with around 60-70% of my life that doesn’t involve work. I’m just having a problem; I know what I like to do, I know what interests me- but shoe-horning that into something that pays the bills is causing problems.

I’ve decided that I don’t want to go to University. It’s not for me, especially not right now.

The last five or so years have been tough and non-stop for me. I’ve had so many things thrown at me that my mind and my body have had to adjust to very quickly. I need a break, I need some freedom. Over the last few years my mind has been focussed on other things than my career path.

We humans are terrible, we make structures and rules and construct prisons for ourselves that make us unhappy.

Screw the formula, do what you want and what feels right.

’til next time,

Wren x



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