Who Would Listen to the Opinion of a Mentalist?

Something happened to me recently that didn’t quite sit right. Someone used my mental health problems as an excuse for why I was unhappy with what they were doing and therefore got themselves ‘off the hook’.

I feel a little bit strange about this.

I’ve been lucky enough to not have that happen to me before, I don’t tell a lot of people about my mental health problems but recently I’ve been more willing to open up.

I disagree with someone that I work with, she has authority over me which makes things a little difficult. It’s not a personal problem, I just feel that she crosses the line a lot and does a lot of things that I’m really uncomfortable with. When she recently asked me why I was hesitant to work with her again I told her that I felt that we didn’t gel.

I told her calmly and professionally that I felt my style and working and her style of directing were completely different and that I was unhappy with the way that she was speaking to people. Personally I feel that she gets very personal when she criticises people- though I didn’t say this to her, I kept it very polite. I said that neither of our ways of working were wrong, they just don’t gel with each other.

She told me that due to my mental health problems I have problems with authority and that’s why I was having a problem with her; she was behaving in a way that ‘normal’ people would be fine with.

This is the first, and hopefully the last, time that someone has managed to make me feel powerless and tiny by using my mental health problems against me. I felt so small sat in that office. It took a lot of self control to tell her calmly that I didn’t feel that my mental health played a part in my feelings towards her actions- but she dismissed that one easily.

A week on from the incident and I still don’t know how to respond. Looking back I can see that she’s made comments like that before; but not as explicitly as last week. Like it or not, having a mental illness still means that your opinion, your voice, can be questioned and doubted.

For the first time in a long time I feel powerless.

’til next time,

Wren x


5 thoughts on “Who Would Listen to the Opinion of a Mentalist?

  1. I have had people tell me that my mental illness is the cause of my perception of something. Sometimes th e have been correct, but other times not. Either way, it is frustrating for them to bring up because as you said..they are using it against you. I feel like they could say something more productive such as, how can we fix this or work on this

    • Exactly, sometimes my mental health problems DO change how I see things- but most of the time I have the same feelings and thoughts as anyone else. Sadly some people just can’t admit when they’re wrong. Thanks for taking the time to comment, it’s always appreciated! 🙂

  2. I think that “answer” to your reservations is, well, to be very inelegant — chickenshit. I’ve been told that by a presumptuous blogger who disliked that I was not acknowledging “authority” in the form of criticism of my personal spiritual path. I likely had “daddy issues” and thus couldn’t acknowledge authority properly, I was told. Right. Not so bloody much, actually.

    I think you could consider a human resources complaint against this woman, she is silencing you by claiming your perceived mental issues mean you have no say in your own life under her authority. That is abusive use of power and she is NOT a mental health professional.

    • Thank you! It’s just so ridiculous. You’re absolutely right, she’s not trained in mental health at all and is blatantly using my problems to silence me; Sadly she runs her own business and I’ve been doing some work with her, so I can’t really do anything about her behaviour. If she tries this again I’ll definitely think about either pointing it out to her to contacting an outside authority.
      Thanks for your comment! 🙂

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