Pagan Identity

Maybe this should have been under ‘I’… oh well.

Paganism is an identity. I would say that I identify as a Pagan- if I were to tell you that I’m a Pagan you could probably very easily paint a fairly accurate picture about the things that I hold dear and the processes that go on in my mind. I’m not saying that we can all be stereotyped into one group, but you can get a good general picture.

I am proud to identify as a Pagan, it’s something that I like to tell people about. I came to Paganism when I was going through the first big upheaval in my life; I was eleven, moving onto secondary school and having to face the fact that I wasn’t the cleverest or quietest anymore. I had to find a new home, and that home was Paganism.

I’ve always had Pagan beliefs, but finding the definition of ‘Pagan’ in a dictionary when I was eleven finally allowed me to put a name to them. It also gave me an identity that felt more flexible than the one I’d had. Being a Pagan allowed me to grow.

It took a few years for me to settle into Wicca; the identity that that gave me was different to just being a Pagan, it was less respected and more laughed at- telling people you do spells will never get anything other than a raised eyebrow- but it didn’t sit quite right with me.

Eventually I realised that my love settled at the feet of the old Celtic Gods and so began to refer to myself as a Celtic Pagan.

Identifying as a Pagan means that you’re an outsider (not a bad thing), you’re in touch with nature, you’re independent, you see beyond the physical world. It means that you don’t allow yourself to become trapped in the death-cycle of work and money. Your feet are firmly rooted into the Earth herself.


Wren x


2 thoughts on “Pagan Identity

  1. When I first put a name to my faith, I went after Wicca as well, but after studying it for 2 years, I realized I wasn’t a Wiccan at all. For the next 5 years I stumbled through paganism, looking for exactly what I wanted to be called. Hedgecraft worked best for me, especially its informality and lack of rules. I also found that belief in a God or Goddess wasn’t for me. And that is what is so great about paganism. You can mix and match and make it your own, but even through it all, we tend to have the same core principle: Magic. And that is a beautiful thing.

    • I think Wicca is a very well known branch of Paganism, there’s so much written about it that it’s one of the easiest to learn about. This is why (I think) a lot of people initially start out there. I agree, Pagans seem to have some kind of inner freedom that I just love.

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