Standing up for Yourself

Today I told my drama teacher/principal that I fundamentally clashed with her style of teaching and found some of the things that she did to be humiliating.

That was a serious step up for me… I think I just found some kind of a voice. It’s small and shy and still comes with a huge burden of guilt for not being nice to someone… but it’s there.

I was mature, with a solid line of argument- I stressed that I didn’t think she was wrong, but that she was wrong for me. She hasn’t apologised or said that she will do anything differently but she knows, and she knows that I’m not someone who can be dealt with like that.

I’m mature, calm and collected. I can stand up for myself and I will not let go of my principals. She tried to tell me that people ‘in the real world’ will talk to me in the way that she does and that I just need to grow up. I told her that I will never be okay with being spoken down to, that I will never be okay with being yelled at like a child in front of a fifteen year old work experience girl and that I will never, never be treated with anything less than the respect that I would give anyone else.

If I, the world’s biggest bloody doormat, can stand up in a calm and mature manner and tell someone that they’ve crossed a line, I’m pretty sure anyone can.

’til next time,

Wren x


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