Feminism: A Poem

Society dictates who we are, how we look, what we say.

We’re trapped by our minds and our bodies every day.

We’re judged by what we weigh and who we’ve taken to bed.

Not by the thoughts we have or the books we’ve read.

We’re fighting a war that cannot be won.

We’re either frigid and prudish or easy and dumb.

The unwritten rules dictate what we do.

You can’t wear a mini-skirt when you’re thirty, can you?

Our boundaries have changed but they’re still there.

You’ve got to wear make-up and straighten your hair.

After a century of campaigning some still don’t get equal pay.

Intelligent women are insulted and belittled every day.

Feminism is an ugly word, not one we like to own.

But it’s time to lead the lives we want, not the ones we’re shown.


So I wrote a poem for something and thought that it was decent enough to stick on here; clearly I was feeling pretty het up when I wrote it…

’til next time,

Wren x


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