Or: What’s the point in worshipping a God who is not omnibenevolent?

For those of you who are not au fait with Celtic mythology, Morrigan is a fierce Goddess who flies above the battlefields in the form of a crow, she is the Goddess of war, death and sovereignty. Sometimes seen as a triple Goddess (Badb, Macha and Nemain) she generally takes the form of the crone.

Morrigan is not ‘evil’, she is not ‘bad’; however she is a difficult Goddess. I have never worked with her directly but always have felt a bond to her. I think she is an incredibly powerful Goddess who can be a little ruthless and temperamental. She’s the one that you turn to when you need a job doing, and doing thoroughly- but she’s unpredictable. It’s kind of like setting fire to something that’s dirty when you could have just put it in the washing machine.

So why play with fire? I’ve had a lot of dreams that involve her, she seems to be the one that I call out to when everything has gone horribly wrong. Although she is tough, she’s still got feeling. This is why I don’t want to worship a deity that is omnibenevolent; how can something like that truly understand the complexities of the human mind? We are not good creatures, we are selfish and jealous and difficult. We do things that are awful all of the time… why would I worship something who couldn’t understand that?

Last night I had a dream that I was trapped in a house filled with dark things, I was with a group of people that I loved and cared for and I knew that I had to clear the house out so that we could leave. I bravely walked through the house, first calling out for Brighid; at once the house lightened and lifted- the darkness seeped back into the corners for a while and stayed there… but it didn’t go completely. I called out for Dagda next, this did nothing… (I love Dagda so much, but sometimes he just doesn’t cut it.) It was at that moment that I knew what I had to do… I called out for Morrigan to help me. At once there was a blinding flash of light and I found myself somewhere else entirely. That dream had ended and another was about to begin.

I worship Gods who are not perfectly good because they can understand my problems, and I can understand them. They are powerful, intelligent and incredible beings… but they are still not the wholly good creatures that traditional religion would have you believe in, and for that, they are perfect.


Wren x



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