It’s been a long, strange week for me; those of you watching my blog will have noticed that. I’m going to gently get back on the bicycle with a little post on Midsummers.

Midsummer is the point when the daylight reigns, we experience the longest day and the shortest night. In The Northern hemisphere this is around the 21st June, in the Southern it’s around the 21st December.

I like to stay up all night with a candle burning (as I’m doing right now) and watch the darkness. It’s an inspiring and moving experience that I feel allows me a connection with my Gods unpolluted with the busy world outside my window. It’s the only time I get when I can’t hear cars or people and I’m hit with a wave of awe regarding the world.

I have always strongly felt that the night-time does not belong to us. We’re allowed to reside in this world during the day but as soon as the daylight fades we’re pushed out. The night is the time of the otherworld, it’s a time when the spirits and other creatures are in charge. To me, being awake during the night always feels a little like trespassing on foreign land.

The sky looks a little green in the distance right now, and as the last dregs of sunlight fade away over here in Yorkshire I’m looking forward to reflecting on the last year that has passed.

I strongly remember this time last year, I had a wonderful night with my Gods- Midsummer last year was the start of a year that I feel changed my life. I sit here now a totally different person (in a good way) the last year has been tough, I’ve grown a hell of a lot as a person and made decisions that will shape the rest of my life. I love the woman that I am now, I feel exhausted, emotional and ready to fall down and sleep for a month- but ultimately proud of what I’ve managed to achieve.

Who knows what life shaping changes will happen in the next year, but whatever does occur I know that I always have the support and guidance of my Gods to pull me through until the light reigns again.

Here’s to Midsummer; after this we can only look towards and brace ourselves for the darkness that will surely come.


Wren x


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