Best and Worst Parts of My Time Working in a Supermarket

12176_717991551574482_559850643_nSomeone that I work with recently posted this on Facebook… I kind of had to share it on here.

I know that I complain about my job a lot, trust me- I really do know. I also know that it’s not a bad job, the people I work with are alright, the pay is decent and the hours are very reasonable. (I only work part time, my course is full time.)

As of tomorrow I will have been at my job for a year. About a week ago I went and spoke to my boss about setting a date for me to leave, at the moment it’s looking like I will officially be sacking it off on the 10th August. Counting down the weeks!

It does feel really strange, I finished school on a Friday, on the Thursday I started work at my new job. It was such a quick turnaround, I didn’t even have a holiday or a break. I can’t believe that it’s been a year, it feels like only a few months ago.

By way of reflection I thought I’d give you a run down of some of my best and worst moments:


  • The first time I ID’d someone they got really angry and shouted at me, I think I cried inside for about a week…
  • Got caught in a rainstorm and soaked to the skin in my uniform- even my shoes were full of water. I then had to work in the chill aisle for four hours. Yes, I did get sick.
  • Being stupid and going to work with a fever- almost passed out every time I had to lift something/bend over/be nice.
  • Spending four hours on tills after I’d just ended things with the guy I was seeing. I’m talking ten minutes before the start of my shift… ouch!
  • Having a customer call me stupid. F*cking Twat.
  • The time someone tried to scam us. I had a tug of war with them, we were fighting over £200 worth of notes. (This is also a triumphant kind of moment for me as I worked out what they were doing and didn’t fall into their trap- however it was late, dark and it was only me and one other guy on the shop floor.)
  • Having to calm down a homeless addict who was threatening to attack me because we didn’t stock his tobacco.
  • The Letch. An affectionate nickname that I’ve given to the married man who comes in, occasionally with his kids, and behaves in a very unnerving manner towards me. I can’t actually fault what he says or does, there’s just something about him that makes my skin crawl- actually, maybe it’s the low tone of voice, the leaning in and the frequent winks… urgh.
  • When we/a customer collectively managed to smash five bottles of red wine in the same aisle within a two hour time period.


  • Friendly customers; I have numerous people who come in regularly and ask me about my life and how I am, they really brighten up my day!
  •  The time I got to spend half my shift pissing about in the canteen. Yeah… don’t tell my manager about that one.
  • Any time that they let me off the bloody tills.
  • When I got to till train the new guys, I felt all smug and knowledgeable.
  • The amazing xmas party; we went out for a meal at 7pm, I got back into my house at 5am. What happened in between would take half a blog to detail.
  • When they bake too many doughnuts. Mmm…
  • Scoring 100% with the mystery shopper.
  • When I got to spend half my shift facing up the beans. It was incredibly satisfying.
  • And of course; meeting my partner! Every conversation that we had, (and still have) and the time when he finally worked up enough courage to ask me on a date.

’til next time,

Wren x


One thought on “Best and Worst Parts of My Time Working in a Supermarket

  1. I’ve probably had it easier than you since I’m a man and don’t have to deal with the sexual harassment that women deal with every day, but yeah – so many people could benefit from these skills, lol

    Working in a call center is a bit like this, too: I had to learn how to disassociate myself from what other people are saying or I’d never make it through the week.

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