Being Tidy Isn’t ‘OCD’…

… laughing and crying in the same day doesn’t mean you’re ‘bipolar’ and ‘schizophrenia’ does not mean different personalities; and if you’re going to keep using these terms then I will get pissed off. To your face.

This is one of my pet peeves; okay, so I’m sure by now you’ve realised that I have a shit load of pet peeves, but this a big one. I get really genuinely angry when people start throwing words like these around. It’s not because I think it’s offensive, it’s because it’s just bloody stupid and will make me think that you’re thick.

I think I’ve written about this subject before, probably years and years ago- it doesn’t upset me like is used to, it just kind of pisses me off now, mainly because I thought that people had moved on from this annoying and puerile habit. Sadly it seems that they haven’t.

When we start throwing around terms like ‘OCD’ ‘bipolar’ ‘depressed’ it devalues them, it makes life harder for people who actually live with those conditions, they don’t get the understanding that they need and deserve for having to live with a serious mental health condition, they just get a load of well meaning people telling them that ‘oh, I know what that feels like.’

No, they do not know what it feels like to have OCD just because they like their house tidy.

Of course mental health problems come on a sliding scale, and some people may experience symptoms of these disorders, but overall they’re not living with the full blown condition. It’s rude and insensitive to trivialise these words; they’re someone’s life.

In the case of ‘schizophrenia’ it’s a little different.

Stupidly, I thought that the incorrect definition of ‘schizophrenic’ (split personalities) was dying out. Then a guy on my course used it the other day. I was so appalled that I actually shouted at him. I shouldn’t have done that; I know, I’m a bitch (especially to him, and especially recently, but at the time I feel that my reactions are justified.)

Schizophrenia has such a shitty image, it really does- and that makes it ten times harder for people who have to live with it. I can’t imagine how hard a condition it would be to live with, and the horrific image that it comes with must be hard enough to deal with without getting the sodding definition wrong as well.

It’s stupid and insensitive to throw words like these around; these are words that define and ruin people’s lives, they shouldn’t be used in a puerile and trivial manner.

Maybe in other three years I won’t have to write a blog post about this again.

’til next time,

Wren x


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