I have no idea if I believe in karma or not.

Okay, so I should probably explain myself a little more; I used to be a very strong believer in karma. To be perfectly honest I think the idea of karma is something that is rooted in human nature, we also seem to have an innate sense of fair play, and feel strongly when we are owed something.

I think that karma taps into this, it puts a name and an image to a feeling that is in all of us, and that’s why it’s so popular.

Anyone who has studied or followed Wicca for any length of time will be familiar with ‘the threefold law’; this is the concept that whatever you give out into the world, good or bad, will be returned to you times three.

This is something that I struggled with for a long time when I was practising Wicca, and one of the things that eventually lead to me reconsidering the Wiccan path. I just never felt that this was an accurate view of the world (for me) and it made me feel like I was being cheated a little, I saw good things happening to very bad people and found myself undergoing horrible things when I was trying with everything I had to be a good, responsible person.

Karma, however, is the idea that the sum of your actions during your life will determine the future- either in terms of reincarnation or in the parts of your life you have yet to live.

Essentially, karma is (roughly) ‘you get what you give’, it’s not as stringent or narrow as the threefold law, which I think makes it a concept that more people can identify with. Obviously I’m not saying that it’s ‘better’ or anything like that, I’m just indicating that it’s a different concept and trying to explain why karma is more universally known/popular than the threefold law.

Karma appeals to the hope inside of us, it fits with our inner sense of justice. It’s comforting to think that the universe has a sense of ‘right and wrong’ and that bad people will get what they deserve, this, I think, is why karma is a popular and well known concept. The threefold law just seems a little too idealistic for us to accept and feel comfortable with. For want of a better word, karma is ‘looser’.

So, to sum up that odd little ramble; I think that I do believe in karma, it’s not a large or especially active belief- I think it’s just a quiet inner one that gives me a little comfort.


Wren x


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