Wren’s Round-Up!

This is one of those posts where I write about things that I would like to do, wait six months, and then look back and laugh at how much of a lazy procrastinator I am.

I feel like TDB is just getting into its stride, I’m nice and used to my three posts a week schedule, I’m roughly maintaining the themes that come with each post. However I do feel that there is more that I want to do; I wish that you could all see how crazy my week is. Me and my laptop have a passionate relationship but lead very separate lives these days.

I write the majority of my blog posts at odd times of the week and schedule them to be posted on the correct days; you may have noticed that I post at about midnight on some days this is due to me doing shit from morning til 6ish and then going to rehearse from 7ish to 10ish at night. Add into this that I have a lot of lines to learn, finances to sort out, homework and research to do and then general personal hygiene and house cleaning/cooking/washing to take care of and I basically have no time.

So I want to do things with this blog; I want to take more photos and put them on here, I want to let you into my life a little more- now that my career path isn’t going to be pure acting I feel like I don’t have to worry about my reputation as much- I want to reformat and change the image a little (not too much) and interact more with you lot!

I really, really love you all; I read every single comment. If I don’t reply it’s because A) I’m too busy when I first read it and then feel awkward commenting weeks later when I finally have the time, or B) I agree with everything you’ve said and just typing ‘I agree!’ makes me sound pretty lame.

So I want to help this blog grow and turn into something good. Lately I’ve been rushed off my feet and have been cobbling posts together. I’m not really happy with my standard of writing and I want to change this.

Also, I would love it if you’d let me know anything you’d like to see me do/write about. I’m always happy to take suggestions and comments from you guys!

As always,

’til next time,

Wren x


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