An Independent Introvert

I accepted and embraced the fact that I’m an introvert a long time ago; some people find it hard to understand that there’s a difference between being alone and being lonely.

I never feel truly lonely because I know that my Gods are with me, I know that they surround me in everything that I do. Even in my darkest moments I’ve always felt a presence with me. The Gods help to give me the courage to make decisions on my own.

Human beings are social creatures, we crave company. The fear of being alone can drive us to great extremes, personally I can say that I know very well what loneliness feels like and I also know that I never want to feel that again… I will, but it frightens me. The idea that my Gods will be with me no matter what helps to soothe that fear.

For me, part of Paganism is being fearless. We’re a religion that tackles awkward subjects head on; loneliness is one of those subjects. The Gods offer us a chance to never be lonely.

However, introversion is not necessarily loneliness; I very much enjoy being an introvert. I feel much closer to my Gods when I’m alone and I feel that my thoughts bring me closer to them. Being with just me allows me time to listen to Pagan media, to meditate, and to perform rituals. It gives me space and quiet to read books and articles on Paganism and to write them myself.

I like to do things by myself, so Paganism was always the perfect fit for me; it gave me the freedom to go at my own pace and explore the things that interested me. I didn’t have to tell anyone my beliefs or justify what I felt. I was given the freedom, the independence to explore things by myself.


Wren x


One thought on “An Independent Introvert

  1. We picked the same subject this week! Lol Great post. I certainly get it. I like people, but I need plenty of privacy to properly stretch my wings. Alone doesn’t necessarily equal lonely. Blessings!

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