‘Drama’ Doesn’t Necessarily Mean ‘Acting’

I’ve wanted to write about this for some time now, over the years that I’ve been studying drama and acting it’s occurred to me that people focus far too much on the idea that acting is the only way to get involved with the performing arts industry- or that it’s the only way to perform.

It’s really not, there are hundreds of different roles in the industry, and here are a quick guide to some of them:

Producing – if you loves numbers and organisation this is the role for you, producers are the ones making things happen. They’re the people that I probably have the most respect for.

Directing – needs creative vision and good people skills, I’ve directed a few things and you certainly need confidence and a little sense of self importance. You have to believe that your vision is the best but at the same time be flexible.

Stage management – does what it says on the tin. These are the people responsible for making sure the backstage and technical aspects run like clockwork during a performance. My best friend is currently studying to be one of these and so I have a soft spot for them. Not a job I could do!

Costume – again fairly self-explanatory, if I couldn’t perform then I think I’d love to design and make costumes. If you have a passion for dressmaking and are addicted to the rush of theatre then this might be for you.

Make-up – again this is something that interests me, for a long time I’ve been interested in training as a make-up artist. I think that my love of performance and lack of time and money will mean that I won’t be able to realise this dream but it’s a creative career that’s not just confined to theatre/film/TV.

Dancing + Singing – people often think that performing = acting… it doesn’t. Look at musical theatre performers, they combine all three disciplines; singing, dancing and acting. You could easily pick one of those three and pursue it as a career.

Physical theatre -if you’re a performer who is very physical and loves using your body to communicate then physical theatre might be the road to go down. Acting isn’t just Shakespeare and being naturalistic, there’s a whole realm that combines movement, gymnastics and physicality to create theatre.

Techies – where would we be without the amazing, hard-working and infinitely knowledgeable tech-y? Sat in a cold, dark, silent theatre, that’s where. I have total respect for these ladies and gentlemen, they’re the ones on sound, lighting and generally making it all happen.

Community theatre – is an often over-looked branch, this is bringing theatre to youth groups, vulnerable people, offenders and many more. Drama is an incredible tool that can help and change people’s lives for the better.

Drama therapy – again, this is a way of using drama to benefit others. It’s a powerful tool that can go a long way to helping people overcome mental health problems and/or trauma. If you have a real passion for psychology or want to go into counselling then maybe this is something that you can explore.

Teaching – and we finish with the most obvious one, so many actors become teachers! It’s a stable way to do what you love and pass it on to the next generation.

Hope that was interesting, I’ll be coming at you again on Friday for your weekly dose of Paganism!

’til next time,

Wren x


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