Why I Wear Make-Up

Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope you’re having a fabulous day wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. Today I want to talk about make-up and my relationship with it.

I didn’t start wearing make-up until  was about seventeen. I had no interest in it and always thought that it was for ‘other girls’ who were popular and pretty and confident. I was struggling so much with my depression and other mental health problems that basic hygiene was tough for me, let alone spending time on my appearance.

When I was about sixteen I started playing around with make-up, when I was feeling very down I used to steal my Ma’s things and mess around with creating different looks. It was a way for me to have some time for myself, I found it strangely soothing.

Time passed and my interest in vintage fashion grew, I started building up my own make-up collection and experimenting with recreating looks from history. I grew to enjoy make-up more and more.

I love make-up; I don’t wear a lot of it, I just enjoy the little that I do wear. My favourite part of getting ready is putting it on- I can easy spend an hour applying it perfectly for a night out. I love the little amount of ‘me’ time that it affords me.

There seems to be a theme that strong, independent women don’t wear make-up. That it’s a weak thing to do and means that you’re insecure with your appearance. I don’t mind not wearing make-up, I’ve spent most of my life with a naked face and it’s never bothered me. However I won’t deny that it gives me a certain power, I think the term ‘war paint’ is very appropriate, it does give me a shield and makes me feel strong.

On the other hand I think that my make-up makes me feel more like myself, anyone who knows me knows my love of red lipstick, it’s one of my few trademarks and I don’t quite feel myself without it.

I believe strongly that if you don’t enjoy wearing make-up or it seems like a stress to you then you shouldn’t wear it. Screw whatever convention says, what you do with your face is incredibly personal. It doesn’t matter about your gender or age or situation, if you want to wear make-up, if you enjoy putting it on and it makes you feel good then wear it.

Just because I like make-up and a 1940s look doesn’t mean that I’m some pretty little girl who wants to be a housewife. The whole point of being an independent woman (dare I use the term ‘feminist’?) is that I have the freedom to make personal choices like that- and so do you!

’til next time.

Wren x


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