For the first time ever I’m writing a Pagan Blog Project post in advance… because I suddenly have a social life and it’s affecting my blog (sad times) let this be a lesson to all of you- if you want a successful blog you must shun all personal relationships!

This week I’m going to be writing about fate, something that has always interested me, I think that beliefs regarding fate are incredibly personal and no two people will have exactly the same idea/concept of it.

Of course the ‘traditional’ religions teach that ‘God’ is in charge and what happens in his will (though I do know that opinions about this do actually differ within the aforementioned faiths, the majority ‘traditional’ viewpoint in these faiths is that God is in control and has your life planned out.)

Personally I live my life by the motto of ‘Que sera, sera,’ though I think this might give off the wrong impression of my views towards the concept of fate.

I believe that we do have a lot of control over our own fates, but that ultimately the Gods have an idea of where we’re going to go and what we’re going to do. Each new incarnation gives us a new goal, something that we need to learn about. I have no idea what the goal of this life will be for me, I have some assumptions but knowing the way the universe and the Gods work they’re probably totally wrong.

For the most part I think that there are many different paths we could go down in life, the choice about which path we take is ours- but the destination will always be the same. The Gods know where they want us to end up in life, we get to make our own way there but at the end of the day all roads lead to… whatever the saying is…

Having this kind of attitude is helpful to me as an actress, 73% of my career is rejection and dead ends- so it’s immensely helpeful to be able to shrug things off and trust in the Gods that somehow things will work out. One of my favourite sayings is ‘life’s not about the destination; it’s about the journey’.

The point of life is not succeeding at your job, it’s not having stable finances or good qualifications, it’s not about settling down- the whole point of life is the journey that you take to get to these places.

I trust that the Gods will make sure I hit my goals, all I need to do is keep fighting through the obstacles that they put in my way and cherish every moment- from the shit ones to the amazing ones. Because that’s the point of it all.

Thanks for reading,


Wren x


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