Energy Vampires

Thought I’d do something interesting for a change 😉

To put it simply an energy vampire is someone who emotionally/psychically drains someone else. No matter how little you might believe in ‘psychic energy’ I’m sure you can name someone in your life who makes you feel like this. They’re the people who you constantly have to go above and beyond when you’re with and who leave you feeling exhausted.

I think that when we’re talking about energy vampires it’s important to put whatever you think of ‘psychic energy’ and the like to one-side and just focus on the problem. At the end of the day whatever you believe it doesn’t change the fact that we all know people like this and they are not fun to be around.

There are many different types of energy vampires:

Insecure: these are people who feels deeply insecure in themselves and constantly need reassurance and approval from others, they don’t like to strike out on their own and need the help of other people at every turn.

Passive-aggressive: quite simply and obviously these are the people in your life who wind you up and break you down and snipe at you, there’s nothing overt or obvious about what they do but it’s tiring and upsetting all the same.

Jealous: the people in your life who are upset about every achievement you make- they may not be obvious but they’re there all the same.

Depending on your beliefs there are many different ways to deal with energy vampires, these can range from things like protecting yourself psychically and making sure that your ‘force fields’ are up when you’re around them to simply setting down boundaries as a friend. People who are energy vampires can eat away at your time and negatively affect your mental health- they’re very hard people to deal with because whilst you want to help them you need to be aware of yourself.


Wren x



2 thoughts on “Energy Vampires

  1. I think we all know at least one of this kind of person and for me, the most important thing is setting boundaries. If these are not set, these folks will call you and try to drag you into their drama over the phone, will not recognize that you have your own issues to deal with. You also have to be clear with them that everything in your life is not about THEM. One such friend constantly called me. When my brother died, it brought up a lot of sadness and memories of when my son was killed. I was having a helluva week. I was very short on the phone with her, yes and no answers, etc. When she later asked if I were angry with her, I clearly explained “this is NOT about you……….it is about ME” and I will take my time to deal with my own family first. She seemed surprised that I didn’t tell her what was going on. I told her she never gave me the chance, just started in about herself. Now she asks about me also when she calls. You have to put your foot down.

    • I absolutely agree with you, I’m sorry you had to go through that- I went through something very similar with a friend of mine, it’s so, so hard to set the boundaries but so vitally important!
      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it.
      Wren x

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