Paganism and being a Pagan makes me feel incredibly empowered- when I glanced down the list of prompts for this weeks letter this was the word that stood out a mile to me.

I want to talk about empowerment in two ways- first as an individual and second as a woman.


Regular readers of this blog will know that I’ve struggled with mental health problems for a large part of my life, before this I had crippling social anxiety and very low self esteem.

Paganism made me feel important, it gave me something about myself that I liked and was proud of. I had something positive to focus on in my life- also, Paganism has a strong DIY attitude, we don’t have priests or people who channel the Gods, we speak to them directly.

This is one of the things that I love about this faith; there’s no middleman, we’re given the power and responsibility to communicate with the Gods and the Ancients ourselves.

Wicca and magick is another spectre that highlights power and being empowered, when you practise magick you have a hell of a lot of responsibility in your hands- you’re winding at the threads of the world and that’s something that no-one should take lightly.

Being trusted with power makes you empowered, the ability to be able to take charge and make things happen for yourself is a sought after quality. Paganism allows us to be in charge of our own lives. We’re Pagan because we want to be, we pray and do rituals and worship the Gods because we want to- not because anyone or anything is forcing us to.

If you want to talk to a God or do a spell then you can. And that’s what’s so wonderful and empowering about this faith.


Being a woman is messy, unattractive and a complete mystery.

Throughout history women have been seen as the lesser gender, we’ve had little control and little say (I always feel awkward when I start talking about female oppression… I have this ridiculous feeling that someone’s going to burst through the door and shoot me with a crossbow) Paganism is pretty big when it comes to the ladies.

I’m a Celtic Pagan and we seem to love our feisty ladies, Paganism in general seems to recognise the fertile nature of women and that we carry the next generation- our religion hold women up as sacred due to our job of bringing new life into the world. It teaches that women are wise and strong, things that are incredibly empowering.

Paganism is also incredibly open about all the points of being a woman- the three aspects of the Goddess; maiden, mother, crone; the moon-cycle (yeah, we know what THAT’S all about) as well as showing that we’re tough things- see Macha and the horses.

Being a Pagan is empowering, my religion empowers me as an individual by giving me responsibility and trust as we as empowering me as a woman by recognising how powerful and important all the aspects of being female are.


Wren x


5 thoughts on “Empowerment

  1. This is a great post! One of the things I love about Paganism is the empowerment it gives me. This post has kind of inspired my own post about empowerment. It should be up sometime tomorrow 🙂

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