Wren On Medication: Moving to Mirtazapine

The last instalment of ‘Wren on Medication’ was me talking about how good it felt to be average and my experiences with citalopram, since then I’ve been to see the Doctor- whilst feeling average was great it wasn’t where we wanted me to be.

Unfortunately I was also experiencing some side-effects from the citalopram, namely an upset stomach. It had gotten to the stage that I would put off taking my dose because I didn’t like feeling sick all the time. I’d tried taking it after eating and at all different times of the day and it was only getting worse.

Because of this the Doctor decided that it would be pointless to increase the dosage and instead decided to change the medication and put me onto mirtazapine. This all happened on a Thursday, I was supposed to miss my citalopram dose on the Sunday and then start mirtazapine on the Monday… however I did the stupid thing and stopped taking my citalopram altogether.

In hindsight I’m annoyed at myself for doing something like that, but at the time I was just feeling to sick from the citalopram that I couldn’t take it any more *sigh* anyway, I was fine until the Friday evening when I started to feel very weird. I was wobbly, having trouble standing up and the world was spinning like crazy.

I was out at the time which was pretty scary but I managed to get myself back home to take a quick dose and almost immediately felt better, I then followed the Doctor’s instructions like a good girl!

She’d warned me that there might be a slight ‘dip’ during the first week and there really was- annoyingly I was very ill that week anyway and also had my monthly visit (I tried writing ‘period’ I really did, but I just couldn’t do it…) so it was impossible to tell what was a side effect and what was illness/menstruation.

To be perfectly honest I don’t feel brilliant on mirtazapine. I’m on 30mg at the moment and there aren’t really any side effects but neither are there many plusses, I feel ‘neutral’ but a less stable neutral than it was on citalopram.

The other thing is that the last couple of weeks have been pretty rough both personally and professionally, so I don’t really know where I am at the minute.

Going to be seeing the Doctor again soon so we’ll see how that goes- the one good thing about anti-depressants is that they seem to be giving me more motivation to do things like cleaning up and reading and other simple, boring things that need to be done.

‘til next time,

Wren x


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