My Relationship With Deities

So, I’ve started doing the Pagan Blog Project again… I’ll write about that some other time, at the minute it’s time for me to give you your weekly dose of Paganism.


deity (ˈdeɪtɪ; ˈdiːɪ-)

n, pl -ties

1. a god or goddess
2. (Theology) the state of being divine; godhead
3. (Theology) the rank, status, or position of a god
4. (Theology) the nature or character of God
To be a Pagan you don’t necessarily have to worship or believe in the Gods, I’ve talked before about how I started out as a Wiccan and eventually re-labelled myself as a ‘Celtic Pagan’ when I realised that my focus wasn’t on magick, but the Gods.
I’ve been communicating with the Gods all my life, I’ve always believed in a deity or higher power- even when I was far too young to understand what any of those things were. My primary school wasn’t Christian but taught the creation myth as a way of explaining how the world was made and taught us all about the Christian God. I was very confused as a child because the ‘higher power’ that was calling to me wasn’t a bloke… I kept this to myself for years, I can remember trying to explain to my teachers that God was a woman and them laughing at me.
Something that I don’t think I’ve really talked about on this blog is that I used to be a Christian… and a choir-girl… I chose this path because I knew there was a higher power, and the only one that I knew about was the Christian God. No-one taught me that there were other deities. Of course in school we were taught about Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism, but nothing else was ever mentioned and these other religions were seen as something that people from other countries followed.
For years and years I was a good little choir-girl, I would pray to God once a day and try to follow the teachings of the Bible… but there was a problem:
I felt nothing.
When I pray to the Gods, when I say their names of even think about them I feel incredible- it’s hard to put into words, it’s sort of like something stirring and roaring up deep inside of me, I feel like they’re right there with me.
When I used to pray to God I felt nothing, I felt small and horrible and alone. It was a really awful feeling, especially because at that age I was going through a lot of difficult times and needed a guiding force in my life to help me along.
I started out practising Wicca, doing rituals and magick. For a lot of Pagans their religion/spirituality is a practise or a way of life, they may believe in a higher power, they may believe in other creatures- they may even believe in the Gods, and they may follow them… or they may not. For me deity is at the core of everything I do, I feel safe and protected every minute of every day because I know I have the Gods on my side, but that’s just me, whatever you believe is fine, so long as it makes you happy and doesn’t harm others.
The Gods are the beginning, middle and end of my life. I trust them completely and hold them above everything- I know that they will never leave my side and I honour them in everything that I do. It’s a relationship that is totally private but very fulfilling, I don’t feel any pressure or judgement from them. The wonderful thing about the Gods is that they are not omnibenevolent- therefore meaning that I don’t need to be perfect in return, they can accept my flaws because they too are flawed.
Hope you enjoyed my little insight into my relationship with the Gods/deities, I’m off to have a few drinks with my fellow single friends in honour of the Hallmark Holiday 🙂
Wren x

2 thoughts on “My Relationship With Deities

  1. Can totally relate to your background and also your everyday living experience. Without my faith, my gods, I never would have survived all the challenges I have faced in this life walk. Without my faith, life would be so bleak. time and time again, I have used that faith to struggle onward after terrible tragedy. Not one to be caught up in ritual or dogma, I see my spirituality as a day by day walk and talk with the Lady and Lord.

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