What’s In My Audition Bag?

As you read this I’ll be in London, either actually on a train or just killing time in Kings Cross…

Thought the actors/nosy people amongst you would enjoy a little sneak peek into what I take with me when I go to auditions! (For extra bonus points try and spot the moment where I learn how to make my camera focus…)


MY BAG: I bought this bag several centuries ago from H&M I highly doubt that they still do it but I’m completely in love with it, it’s nice and massive which is fabulous as I can fill it up with crap to my hearts content. The black strap isn’t an original feature, it comes with a pathetic little strap that isn’t any use to people who are actually going to use it for carrying stuff, so I stole a plain black strap from my old bag and attached it. This baby has so far lasted me three years and I will cry profusely when it dies…

DSCN0078MONOLOGUE FOLDER: for some crazy, paranoid reason I like to take my monologue folder to auditions with me. Basically this is a massive plastic wallet where I store every monologue that I could possibly do, if I’m reading a play and I find a monologue that I like or even that’s just suitable for my castability I’ll photocopy it and stick it in this baby. I like to take hard copies of my audition monologues to auditions with me in case I have a mental breakdown and forget all my lines (never actually happened *touch wood*)

DSCN0080PORTFOLIO: this bad boy is my professional portfolio, it contains my headshots, CV, photographs from previous shows and general promotional material. Even if the audition panel don’t read it I find that it gives off an air of seriousness and professionalism and helps to show them how seriously I take my career.


NOTEBOOK + READING MATERIAL: you never know what they’re going to ask you to do at an audition, you never know who’ll you’ll meet or if you’ll have a need to write something down, having a notebook is just a practical thing that’s helpful and comforting to stick in your bag- from past experience auditions involve a lot of waiting around and travelling, I like to use the time to catch up on my reading.

DSCN0083JAZZ SHOES: for those of you who have never encountered a jazz shoe before they’re basically like socks with a heel, used during rehearsals so as not to damage delicate dance floors and give you freedom of movement. When studios say ‘no outdoor shoes’ they mean ‘please wear jazz shoes’ I love these babies and take them everywhere with me. I’ll wear them if there’s a workshop involved in the audition or a delicate floor but otherwise I’ll stick to my street shoes.

DSCN0086UMBRELLA: in case of rain… obviously. Mine’s a heavy duty fancy umbrella stolen from the depths of a nameless props cupboard by my best techy friend, useful for protecting the face/hair/self from the treacherous British weather.

DSCN0091PENS: for writing! Like the notebook, just a useful thing to have on you. I have serious issues with pens, they always seem to either run out or run away- hence having three. Nothing fancy or special, I’m just clearly organised.

DSCN0096MINTS: or any breath/mouth freshening device. It’s a little thing but I always have a mint of some kind before I head into an audition, it makes my mouth happy and also means that no-one will shrink away from you because of the interestingly filled Panini you picked up in a hurry at King’s Cross.

DSCN0097PURSE AND KEYS: I obviously wouldn’t go anywhere without these babies, I make sure that I have enough cash in case somewhere doesn’t accept my card and my keys so that I can actually get back in if all of the reprobates I live with decide to leave the house when I get home from whatever far corner of the Earth I’ve been auditioning in (usually London).

DSCN0098MASSIVE SOCKS: I have arthritis in my feet, so if it’s been a long cold day they tend to get pretty unhappy. I like to stick a nice big, warm pair of socks on when I’m on the train back just to make myself nice and comfy. I generally view the train journey back home as ‘time to chill’ and so like to equip myself for that.

DSCN0101TISSUES: for all emergencies… I’ve had a cold for about three months now, and the last thing you want when you’re trying to project is a runny nose/mouth/face in general. Also useful for the messy eaters amongst you.

DSCN0103A SMALL PHARMACY: if you have pills, take them. Here you see a beautiful example of what I like to carry around: industrial strength painkillers for my lady-time, ibuprofen for swollen throat/joints and anti-depressants… to anti-depress me.

DSCN0104CHOCOLATE: my tutor is crying as I type this. However, the moment I come out of an audition all I want is CHOCOLATE and MORE CHOCOLATE, therefore I prepare for this moment. Eat healthy and be sensible before you walk into that room, indulge yourself afterwards.

DSCN0106PHONE AND IPOD: my phone is for life (ten points if you can name the silent film actor gracing my screen) and my ipod is for motivating music right before I walk into the room. At the moment I’m especially loving Icona Pop’s ‘I Love It’ for pumping me up right before I start.

DSCN0109MAKE-UP BRUSHES: I take my little make-up brush travel kit with me to help keep my make-up looking beautiful and perfect throughout the day, it’s sleek and fits into my bag without a fuss- helpful if I’m late and need to do it on the train.

DSCN0110MAKE-UP BAG: obviously containing make-up itself… I always carry this bag around with me anyway, this is useful for touching up my make-up on the go, especially as I’m a red lipstick girl, just means that I’m always looking lovely- no matter how far I have to travel!

There we go, hope you enjoyed that and found it useful/interesting!

’til next time,

Wren x


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