Music Overload! Or: What I’m Currently Listening To…

All new relationships encounter bumps along the road to happiness... at the moment me and my camera are dealing with the bump known as 'focussing'...

All new relationships encounter bumps along the road to happiness… at the moment me and my camera are dealing with the bump known as ‘focussing’…

I’m one of those people who’s very good at delaying gratification, whilst this is a pretty desirable trait to have it can lead to some weird/frustrating situations… like being a music addict with a drawer full of albums.

For xmas I asked for some music, pretty standard for me as I can’t seem to do anything with a song blasting in my ears (currently enjoying ‘Run Boy Run’ by Woodkid as a I type this, see here) but as I broke out the first CD I realised that I already had a drawer full of music from LAST xmas and birthday… sitting unloved in my bedside cabinet.

So I decided to man-up and sit through the frustrating process that is uploading CDs into iTunes on a really temperamental laptop and stuck them all on my ipod.

Starting from the top, clockwise we have:

Faun – Licht: as you probably already know I’m a huge, huge OMNIA fan and so decided to branch out a little into other bands who have the same kind of feel. I’ve heard a few Faun songs before and liked them, whilst they’ll never replace OMNIA in my heart they give me the same wonderful soaring feeling. I had no idea which album to go for so I just picked one at random and am really enjoying it, they’re refreshing and deep and everything that I love with this kind of band. Go and listen to them!

Bastille – Bad Blood: this was really weird for me, it’s probably the first well known  album that I’ve ever bought (closest I can think of is Florence + The Machine) not because I’m trying to be strange and hipster (oh god, wordpress spelling thing actually recognises the word ‘hipster’… but apparently not the word ‘wordpress’ hmm, interesting) but because I genuinely don’t find mainstream music to be something that makes me feel… things (you know what I’m trying to say, right?) I first heard ‘Pompeii’ on an advert, did some Youtube-ing and fell in love. Absolutely, genuinely smitten (musically) over here.

Bellowhead – E.P. Onymous: Not really much of a surprise here, I love Bellowhead and am trying to build up my collection of their albums. I haven’t actually listened to this one yet and am really interested as I know this album is more about showcasing the different talents and styles of its individual members… but I love Bellowhead so it’s pretty safe to assume that I will also love this. If you’ve never heard of them they’re a massive folk ensemble who put their own spin on classic folk songs. They create an amazing, full and atmospheric sound- YouTube them NOW!

Bellowhead – Broadside: like I’ve just said above; this is another one of my efforts to expand my Bellowhead collection. This is their latest album (I hope, otherwise I’ve just made a tit of myself) and it’s brilliant… nothing else to add really! I find it hard to compare albums, personally I think that you can’t really as they’re different entities, so I’m not going to draw comparisons with Hedonism. My favourite songs on the album are: ‘The Wife of Usher’s Well’ and ‘Lillibulero’.

The Beatles – The Red Album 1962-66: I already have ‘The Blue Album’ which is a collection of their later songs, so this was something that I got to complete my collection. I know it’s boring and predictable but they are fantastic and I love them and was brought up listening to their music. It’s also got my favourites, ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Eleanor Rigby’ which I’ve just realised makes me sound pretty depressing.

Spiers and Boden – The Works: I love Spiers and Boden… my love started out when I head a Jon Boden song from his ‘Songs from the Floodplain’ album and then progressed to Spiers and Boden and ultimately to Bellowhead, Spiers and Boden were also the first musicians that I saw live (and I’m going to see them again in May!) so they hold a special place in my heart. Amazingly this is the first one of their albums that I have. They’re the frontmen for Bellowhead and play the fiddle and the accordion and pretty much whatever else they can fit into their hands as well as singing at the same time. They’re an epic two-man folk band, what I love about them (and in fact Bellowhead too) is the amount of energy they put into all their music. Although these songs can be a hundred or so years old they sound fresh and new and full of life and emotion.

In The Middle:

Various Artists – The Great Gatsby Soundtrack: This is a crazy, passionate album with a broad range of musical styles and tastes. It includes everything you can think of. My favourites are ‘Over the Love of You’ Florence + The Machine, ‘Crazy in Love’ Emile Sande and ‘Into the Past’ Nero (though I love 90% of the album) can’t say anything apart from; whatever you’re taste in music, you’ll find something on here you love. It’s fresh and crazy and fabulous.

+ Downloaded from iTunes:

Soley – We Sink: fabulous, fabulous, almost ethereal album from Icelandic singer/pianist/songwriter Soley. I can’t say ebough about her, but annoyingly her voice is very hard to describe… ‘I’ll Drown’ makes me cry every time. Her songs are almost bittersweet, very raw and honest but with an incredible, soaring imagination to them. Just listen to her.


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