Beating the January Blues

January’s a difficult month, the come-down after the holiday season means a lack of festive spirit, lack of money and lack of free time. The whole world seems to be watching crap telly and eating far too much chocolate, and when you have or are prone to depression all this can seem even worse.

January’s so far been bittersweet for me- I had a lovely birthday and have had some time off work (annual holiday), however I’ve had several drama school rejections and have just been dropped from an incredible play that we were going to be taking to the Edinburgh Fringe, it was going to be my highlight of 2014 but apparently the part they have just isn’t suitable for me… I’ll go into more detail some other time but I’m feeling pretty tender at the moment.

If you’re feeling blue at the moment, try this:


TAKE PLEASURE IN THE LITTLE THINGS: have a long shower, an early night, bake a cake, paint your nails, watch crap telly, eat shitloads of chocolate.

MAKE A LIST: if you’re feeling overwhelmed try making a list of things to do- I know I’m a list addict and it helps me to get my mind in order.

PLAN A HOLIDAY: give yourself something concrete to look forward to in the future, this can help if you’re feeling seriously depressed or even suicidal by giving you something to stay alive for.

OR, PLAN THE WEEK: plan your days of the week, maybe plan in little outings, shopping trips or drinks with friends. If you’re really struggling just take things slowly.

INDULGE YOURSELF: find the thing that calms you down and do it; I like watching make-up tutorials on YouTube, for some reason I find it really calms me down.

SMALL GOALS; BIG REWARDS: set yourself little challenges, things that you know are do-able, once you’ve accomplished them you’ll feel a sense of achievement which should help to lift your spirits a little.

BE SENSIBLE: if you’re feelings seriously depressed and nothing is helping then think seriously about it; GO AND SEE YOUR DOCTOR; it doesn’t matter if you feel like you’re time wasting- you’re not. You need to be sensible, up front and honest about this.

THINK ABOUT LOVE: make a list of the people in your life who’ve stuck by you, loved you and made you feel special- if you can’t or don’t want to do this try making a list of all the times and places in your life that you felt happy or loved.

REACH OUT: talk to your friends- if you don’t have any, make some! If you struggle to make friends then see that as a challenge. Being bad at something is good, because it means that you can only get better at it.

READ THIS BLOG! I’ve got a lot of ideas for January/February so stick around for a random mix of mentalism, Paganism, acting and life… and feel free to leave me a comment!

’til next time,

Wren x


2 thoughts on “Beating the January Blues

  1. That is a really good list! We need concrete lists like that to go to in times of deep depression or crippling anxiety – times when we need to “be told” (in the nicest way possible) what to do. Or perhaps I mean “be reminded”, or “be made mindful once more” of the best choices we can make – because when we’re in those states we can’t always bring to mind these constructive things.

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