My Current Altar Set-Up

This is the current set up of my altar area, I’ve had this particular set up since Samhain and will be changing it in a couple of weeks for Imbolc:

Forgive the strange lighting and slight blurriness, I’ve recently acquired a new camera which whilst being amazing is taking me a little while to get the hang of- being stuck in the eternal darkness that is the North of England in winter isn’t helping either.

The display I have on the wall stays the same throughout the year, staring from the top and working around clockwise we have: Dagda, Danu, Brighid, Rhiannon, the three aspects of the Goddess, The Green Man, Herne the Hunter and Lugh. In the middle from top to bottom are: Celtic artwork, a pentacle with ‘I am the beauty of the green earth and the white moon among the stars’ (a quote from the Wiccan Rede) and finally a Celtic/Pagan wheel of the year.

This display was pretty simple to make, all it involved was some Google-imaging, printing, cutting out and sticking to the wall… free if you don’t include the price of paper, ink or internet and actually a very therapeutic way to spend the afternoon. These pictures have lasted for about four years and through three moves… who knows where I’ll take them next!

On my altar itself we have: (top row, left to right) tarot cards (I use the Mythic tarot but really want the classic Rider-Waite), a pot containing nothing that was given to me by my best friend,  a pouch of scent, pinecones and conkers collected from the local woods, two pillar candles to represent the God and Goddess, a flower/petal tea light holder which was a gift from my parents and a pile of stones and quartz collected from about five different beaches in Scotland- I have loads of this stuff, blame it on six years of holidaying up there.

(Bottom row, left to right): ex-jewellery box containing rune stones, a small tea-light holder, a shell collected from a beach in Northumbria, candle from my best friend, a feather and a stick.

At the moment the cloth that I’m using for my alter is red for Samhain and Yule- when it comes time for Imbolc I’ll change the cloth to while and remove seasonal items such as the pinecones. Other than that my alter set up stays roughly the same, I’d love to get a skull or some bones for the darker times of the year and I’m thinking about getting some blubs in a plant pot for spring.

My altar itself is just a storage unit, underneath is has six compartments where I keep random rubbish that I seem to think that I need- one compartment it used to store all my Pagan stuff like ritual clothes, spare candles, wax, string and potential items to be used in spells.

Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend, check back again soon!

Blessings, Wren x


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