Why ‘The Druid Bird’?

This Friday I thought we’d have a little look into the name of this blog, amazingly some thought actually went into it and I wanted to share the random bird/mythology related process with you.

And what will you do, said Milder to Moulder
For we may not tell you, said Festel to Fose
We´ll shoot the cutty wren, said John the Red Nose
We´ll shoot the cutty wren, said John the Red Nose

When I was younger I spent a lot of time being brought up by my Grandma who used to call me ‘Wren’, as I’ve probably said here several times before that’s not my real name, it’s a play on my actual name, but one that several people in (real) life use.

As well as this ‘The Cutty Wren’ is one of my favourite folk songs; there was a custom in the United Kingdom to hunt and kill a Wren on St Stephen’s day, the Wren was known as ‘The King of the Birds’ and the killing of the Wren was seen as a sacrifice so that the rest of the community could continue living in peace.

In Celtic mythology the Wren represents knowledge and being underestimated- the Wren is a tiny bird that is capable of around thirty different songs and over a hundred different noises. They can be ten times louder than a rooster- which is fairly impressive for a tiny little bird.

The Druid’s had a huge respect for the Wren and were the ones to dub it ‘The King of the Birds’, even the word ‘Wren’ translates to ‘The Druid Bird’… hence the name of this blog! (Well, it’s nice to see that I put SOME thought into it…)

If you want to know more about Wrens then have a look here, this’ll also tell you pretty much everything you want to know about me and my personality, which is handy if you care about that sort of thing.

Hope wherever you are and whatever you’re doing you have a fabulous weekend and I’ll be back with my Mentalist post on Monday!

’til next time,

Wren x


2 thoughts on “Why ‘The Druid Bird’?

  1. Up with the kettle and down with the pan,
    Give us a penny to bury the wran.
    – Recited by the most secret of socieities in Australia’s top school.

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