Wren Recommends: Exploring the World of the Celts by Simon James

I got this and its companion ‘Exploring the World of the Druids’ for Christmas, I’d asked for it on a whim after doing a bit of browsing on Amazon and so didn’t really know what to expect but was pretty impressed.


If you’re interested in the Ancient Celts then I highly recommend this book, I read it in a couple of days and really enjoyed it. Aesthetically it’s a lovely book, it has lots of fantastic illustrations and photographs that really help you to visualise the Celtic culture and style

It covers so many topics such as the legacy of the Celts, their history, warfare, clothing, religion, mythology, migration patterns, farming, art and technology. It draws on a lot of archaeological evidence which I found incredibly interesting, it does a fantastic job of covering every single aspect of the Celts, the only criticism that I would make is that it doesn’t go into the depth that I would like, but you can’t have everything and this book does a great job of covering all the bases.

I think it really helps to have as much of an understanding as possible about the original culture and development of the religion that you’re following, so I always take any opportunity to expand my knowledge of the Ancient Celts. It adds more perspective and helps you to understand where some of the customs and rituals come from.

So yeah, if you love the Celts and want to buy a good book about them- try this one.


Wren x


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